Lets talk about the state of Germany

Quite honestly that “discussion”-article is downright insulting.

Not only makes basing the A7Vs armor on a 30-year old, pre-A5 Prototype absolutely no sense whatsoever, according to Gaijin Sweden also just developed composite-inserts that are better AND lighter than the german ones 30 years ago, and despite decades of close continued miltary cooperation Germany never got access to those and instead developed a version that performs worse while being heavier?

Their entire “Argument” doesnt even make sense considering the external armor is also worse on the A7V, despite MEXAS-H literally being developed by a German Company.

Are we supposed to assume Rheinmetall just sells Germany a worse version than Sweden for no reason or what??


it would be better than the CV90, and we cant have a German vehicle thats better than its Swedish counterpart

Leo 2A7V is now the new Leopard 2 PSO

That was to be expected. Now we wait for a community manager to say “don’t worry guys! a better german leopard is coming in 2024!” and then a gimped leo is added 2 weeks before the end of the year, and sweden gets a new best Leo. Rinse and repeat


At some point i provided evidence that all German bombs at some point was filled with Trialen 105 and send it as a bug report.


The problem is even if we give the the information they need on plate of gold they will just use a cheap excuse to ignore us and not implement what the community suggests.

They don’t care about what was implemented in real life and how it was used they only care about what things they see practical from their pov and nothing else.

Sorry about that report man. WT has got to be on a very short list of games where players actually put in more work and have more passion for the project than the dev team.

Thx man it’s sad how the effort was kinda wasted but what really pissed me of that after 5 months of waiting it took them on day to say no, but ngl it was actually a good try i kinda understand the dev on this one bc if the bombs filling were to be switched to Trialen 105 all bombs will receive a 60% buff to their explosion power SC50 will have a TNT equivalent of 40kg instead of 25kg and it will have armoured distraction radius of 4m instead of 2m so it’s kinda of huge buff that will make german bombs busted.

But i didn’t give up all hope i still have some in this report that may make german bombers experience a bit more existing


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…a loooooong time ago

imagine driving all over germany, austria, sweden, switzerland, Netherlands, etc to archives and museums, invest time and money and then getting cucked… i would quit too, ngl. you?


So we gave up?

Problem is that GJ simply implements always the worst version of anything german or finds “historical accuracies” to nerf german vehicles into the ground/make the unplayable. Best example is the nerf of all the german AA pen by 30-40% yet non of the funny formular gets implemented on allied AA´s. Let alone aircraft cannons, all cannons got massively increased in terms of pen while german cannons were nerfed or stayed lame.

Thanks to the hate of the community it will stay that way as its easier to make one nation unplayable than balancing two cash cow nations. There are far too many prime examples on the old forum of this fact its not even funny anymore. Alternatively look at naval there are all faults and imbalances of GF under a giant magnifying glass. Best Coastal = Russian, best Frigate = Russian, best Destroyer = US, Best capital ships = Russian and US in post war/fantasy configuration.

@GHOST_KING5710 Tbh it wouldnt brake the game considering that American and Russian bombs of the same weight are far more lethal, heck I bombed a chasing Yak-3U yesterday with a 1000kg bomb and that guy flew of without any serious damage…

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No giving up is no longer an option we just need a different approach to the current problems and the problems that we may face in the future as german TT players


Here are the options:
1- Find sources to fit in the ruleset.
2- Make a suggestion on the forums to change the ruleset.
3- Provide feedback via the new 2024 roadmap feedback form to reconsider the rules around armor & instead make all tanks at top BR closer in parity closer to their weight class.

Any and all of these are solutions.

And they’re especially attractive over toxic ideas.


Alot of ppl are already doing the first two through posts on this forums, bug reports and ofc sending thier results in here so ppl can help them, problem Gaijin won’t listen no matter how may resources and sources get sent to them.

2024 roadmap may help but it’s not something dedicated to one nation to express their problems even if we talked in there and send feedback it will just be lost in the hundreds of other nations feedback.

What i was thinking of is:

  1. Find someone who can represent us all and make sure that our ideas reach Gaijin without getting effected by any kinda of bias.

  2. Unit everyone on a single problem or couple simple till it get fixed then move to another kind of problems related to the german TT


Who can represent us all? Who is a suitable candidate?

That’s why number 3 is focused on the ruleset and not Germany itself.
It indirectly would impact Germany, USA, etc.
Pretty much all the tech trees that aren’t Sweden, China, and Soviets.

If there is lack of information about armor for a tank, make the tank armored for its weight class & size compared to other known tanks.

After all, we have the non-ERA armor of T-90M, Strv 122, and Type 99.
No, it’s not authentic, but it would still be realistic that tanks of similar volume and mass could have similar armor profiles.

kuglplitz got moved to 7.0 and it’s MK-103 pen got nerfed from 95mm (it was historically proven the pen of HVAP can reach up to 100mm) to 77mm but the M 59/53 is allowed to keep its 91mm of pen.

Same happened to the Horten MK-103 both accuracy and pen got nerfed and HVAP belt got nerfed to use to be pure HVAP but now it only have two HPAV bullets in the belt, btw i really don’t care that much about HVAP since the API is far better IMO but still if others can have it why can’t we get it.

I tried my best give them all the resources i have plus if anyone can make a simple search on wiki on any German bomb in Warhead section you will always find Trialen 105 as filling that was used for the bombs

I think it’s @Toxindragon . I won’t be a suit to that… I don’t know much such as he…

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Two options even someone we know from the forums or a moderator that can help us

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I don’t think gaijin will listen to the advice of German players in the future.
We have already provided all the information they asked for.

They aren’t examples are Hummel this vehicle is already modeled in game they just refuse to add it no matter the amount of suggestions they receive about it a another on is the He-280 this one passed the consideration 9 yrs ago and to this day it was never implemented

Another example is the bug reports that they chose to ignore about 2a7 D tech and it’s armour

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