Lets talk about the state of Germany

Dont forget about the 2s38
And how broken (not broken like overpower broken like it doesnt work) the puma

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i found out with some info that the PUMA has around 170 mm of pen at 10 meters considering it has 120 mm at 1km for the info i could find

I noticed that too when playing the T-80UK vs the Leopard 2A5/6

When playing Leo’s it feels a bit slow, take some time to get up to speed. Then I took the T-80UK and that thing felt like I was constantly driving through snow, that thing just fckn flies.

But this explains a lot…


Never Forget , never Forgive. Resist and fight until we get them back as fair treatment, unchanged.


This is why I am so vocal about the 3 German Tanks, because it is about a long overdue appreciation and fair treatment of Germany. Russia and USA always get nice content, meanwhile Germany does not get anything. Even worse, we get cool vehicles removed instead of added. Gaijin even had the audacity to take the Maus. The MAUS!

Give the 3 German Tanks back, and treat Germany with respect, just like Mother Russia.


We should speak about low tier aswell. It’s not fair that sweden has easier access to a german plane then germany itself and sweden even has the better variant. It’s happening in the recent times at top and low tier

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With the last decompression, Maus should return to the German TT.


Its all so tiresome, to see other nations get better German tech than Germany does again and again


how many APS do you wanna have? YES


It will never return because it increases player count while the maus event is and probably some people GE a few vehicles aswell. The increased player count is breaking the matchmaker though

Meanwhile 1.5+ years later: MUSS still cannot turn 360 and is always active.

Gaijin’s lack of communication ain’t helpful either. Gaijin always asks us to submit bug report, but when we comply, they never act on them until the vehicle is either dead or there’s a better version already. This is honestly a bad joke.


I also recall it turning the Puma into a mobile lighthouse when night battles were still a thing XD

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Gaijin’s fix to them not doing any work on the Puma? Lmao, just turn off the APS :xd_emote_xd:


There is something wrong. Bug fixing is really slow. The stinger gepard still can’t equip the better missle and the radar folding is still bugged for most spaas.
Maybe gaijin did a “twitter” and fired many employees which fixed the bugs. Maybe these employees were in russia and got drafted

I insist that Gaijin is discouraging German players (especially old ones) from participating in other minor TT’s. The German TT is probably, even in its current state, the most popular. Taking away those vehicles is a clear move to reduce the TT offer to divert new players. I started playing the German TT just when Tiger and Maus were toptier, believe me, it was very convincing.

In relation to the old ones, just look at the years of neglect that the air TT has had, since the cold war. From rank VII onwards, the German air was completely abandoned. The years of domination of the MiG-21 and the F-4, Germany received them later, in addition to being an event first and only later, the version, when they were already obsolete in the meta. The F-104 when added, only had two useless missiles. To get to the F-104 I had to buy 3 useless sabers at 1kk each.

Recently, Germany began to receive more Soviet copy paste, in a better time and manner. But still, no Alpha Jet, F-4 ICE or at least, more tornadoes. The ground TT, after 2A6, began a similar process. In general, with such a popular technology tree, with enormous demand, it is unusual to understand the low supply from Gaijin, unless you want to promote other TT’s at the expense of the German player base. That would explain why Sweden and now Italy receive German technology, in improved versions (and here I clarify, although PUMA and Lynx are different technologies, The Lynx has a spike and the PUMA does not).

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It still is no?

It probably is but night battles don’t exist anymore so it doesn’t really matter that much.

one of the problems is the new and awful bug reporting site, the old system was much better.
Now gaijin has to dig through a shit tone of false bug reports to get to the ones that are properly made and not just “HURR DURR I THINK THIS IS WRONG BECAUSE I SAY SO HURRR DURRR”.