Add the Arado 196 A5 to Germany aswell

Now with the HE115 being added to war thunder I wish they would add the Ar196 A5 aswell to the german tree.

It was the most used sea plane by germany and Germany only has the A3 version but not only that it’s an event plane. That means most players don’t even have access to it. Sweden and Finnland have a captured version iirc but it’s much more accessable in the swedish tech tree.

It’s time that gaijin adds it finally to the german tech tree


Sweden has also had exclusive access to the Ju86 (the B3C) since Sweden’s release. It does not exist in any form in the german tree.


These planes aswell. It’s stupid that germany doesn’t have these planes they manufactured and used


Germany build around ~225 Ar196 (exluding Prototypes) of which ~100 where A-5
so most numerous is a bit questionable in this way…but why not having it in the german TT

BUT more interesting Russia received at least 37 Ar196 of different versions as reparations after the war
and there were perhaps additional 26 AR196 still in their crates from Romania which fell ~1942 in Russian hands
russian Ar196 were also used with BMW 132 K / W as with ASh-62 until the 1960s…
so I want to use a russian Ar196 with Ash-62 …


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I already made a suggestion for it…Lets see how long it takes to get approved


may I ask which book you used?
according my book Christian König Adler über See Bordflugzeug und Küstenaufklärer Arado Ar 196
Fokker produced 22 A-3 and 44 A-5
and I see other differences in the numbers
maybe the truth lies between our numbers

+1 I support this

That is from one of the Flugzeug Classic publications. The direct link used to open/work but the state seems to have had an issue with copyright or some other bullshit like that and had it removed:
Same thing happened with Z-Library

If you dont mind (as in if you allready made one), (i suppose its the mentioned souce) i would make a suggestion for Ar 196 A-5 with Mg 151/15, /20 and Mg 131 as choosable modifications, because that sounds really cool and would lift it up a bit from the swedish one, just like with the He 115.

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I somehow think that some minor countries like Sweden benefit too much from German and Russian tech tree. This whole minor nation and subtree concept should be re-thought.

Sweden (via Fin subtree) has access to Germany’s most common sea plane. While Germany hasn’t. Its not trivial, since these Arados are very useful in Naval modes to blitz far out cap points. This might turn games. But so far only the few lucky guys with the German event Arado 196 A3 can do it.

Also the Ju86 (B3C), Bf-109 G-2 just appear in the swedish subtree. The German G-2 is a superrare premium plane from the dawn of war thunder, which is currently almost not existing anymore on active accounts. For Ger just the tropical version with these sand and dust filters on every intake remains. The G-2 numbered up to the thousands…but only Sweden has access to it.

Im tired of it. I wish Sweden never would have been introduced. It will be probably worse, when they start to add Danish and Norwegian units to Sweden. This tech theft will be the biggest in known history^^


Yeah that’s why I created that topic. Sweden doesn’t even have a naval tree yet.

The Bf109 G2 should be added to Germany aswell. The trop version is worse and there is no reason to play it over the F4. I know that there is a premium G2 but this vehicle is so rare and iirc it’s hungarian.

The G14/AS is only in the italian tree aswell and should be added to germany

I hope gaijin would finally take the time to give these vehicles Germany.


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I know, thats why. The non-trop has bit more output. Brits also have both in their TTs. Trop and Non-trop Spits etc…

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Go ahead. In fact, I might have found an alternative link to get the above mentioned source. I hope it works: (new link)

4 years and still no A-5…

That applies to both nations lmao