Lets talk about the state of Germany

God I wish. FlaRakRad is incredibly mediocre atm. F16Cs eat it for breakfast and shit it out whole.


That’s why you use Mig-29G instead, like what Russia players had to do for the last year but with Mig-299.13 & R-60Ms in order to deal with F-14Bs and F-16s.

Yep, that’s what I’ve been doing.

Base Ramstein (american) in Germany :)

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By the by, my trivial issues with Germany currently: SPAA is pointless, and that’s applicable to all tech trees.
2A6 isn’t enough of a difference for me to play it over 2A5 or PSO.
They have no superprops.
Alpha Jet would be a nice 7.7 - 8.0 CAS that’s just not here currently.

The nice things:
LIM-5P is the best 9.0 jet I’ve flown in a long time.
Mig-29G is a worthy reward.
F-4F, Mig-21, Su-22UM3K, Su-22M4, and Tornados are all excellent.
TAM-2C is among my favorite light tanks in the game and IRL.

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So, guys, marder 2 passed to developers :


yooooooo. God I hope its not gonna be an event vehicle

Me too. I’d like to see it in tech tree. Or else i will farm or donate on it


if they add the PARS missile then it’ll be a nice lead up to the Puma VJST in the tech tree

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And now we can wait for leo 2 ax prototype


not only will it be an event vehicle, gaijin will make it bad lmao

that ones very old, it isnt up to date anymore


Is APFSDSHE even possible?

if it was a really big dart

Starstreak is APFSDSHE.

Its missing the AP part though

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i mean, not exactly, you just reduce the AP potential by adding electronics and HE filler inside. You sling a dart at mach 3 even when its mostly filled with fragile stuff and it pens metal.

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Probably Winter event vehicle tbh

Yes, it’s called PELE