REFERENDUM: Request from the German community

Consult the German community. (main and regular users of the German TT).

People have exploded all over the forum, in multiple threads and with multiple complaints about the treatment that Gaijin applies to the German TT.

Leaving aside the request for impossible or varied things, I want to do a survey and focus the community’s request to Gaijin.

Among the various requests from the community, if you could choose one of them for Gaijin to attend to at least one request, what would it be?

Gaijin at least meets one of our requests
  • Spike for the PUMA
  • KF-41
  • PSO frontal armor
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I’m fine with the KF41 in the Hungary Sub-tree for now. It gives it uniqueness, however the Puma should definitely get Spike’s as well and it’s given the PSO needs some TLC.


I think the front armor of the PSO is of utmost importance as it will significantly improve Germany’s victory rate at 11.7


germany my love

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I think the same, we need a competitive MBT for yesterday. It is ridiculous that one of the most prolific tank industries in history does not have an MBT of excellence in the current meta. 2A5 and 2A6 are decent, but we want an MBT that holds up, like other Nations have. Realistically, PUMA is useless and I don’t think Spike alone will solve it, besides, Israel will receive it first, which I imagine is the reason why we don’t have it yet. The most feasible thing seems to be to fight for us to receive our long-awaited and necessary new MBT. The PSO that they are giving us is another useless and broken bag like the PUMA.


First and fore most we need a competent MBT


bro over here complaining he got a new top tier tank, and have a competent plane
when Sweden and British are getting crap
Sweden has a terrible top tier air
British have Ok tanks and terrible air
But Germanys over here with good tanks like the 2a5, 2a6, 2PL, PSO, Tam2c, 2AV, PzBtl, C2A1, 2a4, 2K
Air wise yea they need a little love (little)


Yeah, there are other KF prototypes that can be added instead that isn’t just a copy-paste from Hungary.

As long as the PUMA goes up if it gets SPIKE, I think it would be a good addition

Or The Leo PL, the same broken shit

  1. Why can I not vote for all three, since they are equally important

  2. What about the 3 German Tanks in their original Form to come back for all of us? Heresy!


Are you joking or something?

First of all, we are talking about Ground, not air.

Second- your listing of “good tanks” is pathetic, including 10.0 Premium and EVEN crafting event vehicles to prove the “crowded with good tanks” point of yours. And you are crying over Sweden’s air… but since this topic is for GROUND TOP TIER, let’s compare Sweden and Germany, in terms of actual TECH TREE vehicles and not counting 10.0 event vehicles:

Strv 122B PLSS >> Leopard 2PSO
Strv 122A >> Leopard 2A5
Leopard 2A6 = Leopard 2A6
Leopard 2A4 = Leopard 2A4
Strv 121 > Leopard 2K
And if you really want to add a Light Tank to the MBT discussion: CV 90120 > TAM 2C

Sweden is literally Germany + BETTER Germany, all in one; and you can’t understand why German players would want at least ONE MBT equivalent to the ones Sweden has as its Top Tier MBTs? What is the point of your comment trying to diminish Germany’s Top Tier state because “they are crowded with good tanks like Leopard 2AV”?


guys leopard 2PSO armor was acknowledged and forwarded as a suggestion Community Bug Reporting System

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It is excellent news, it is the number 1 need in Germany, in addition to the need for justice to be done. I accept that the German air TT stinks, it’s historic. But it is inconceivable that the ground TT receives the same treatment.

I think for now Germany doesn’t need KF41.They should add a PUMA variant with spike or add spike as a modification for current puma.

All 3 things should be done ASAP. I can’t pick one.


Fixing the leopard pso armor is enough.

new tank doesnt matter if it’s the same as what came before

sweden is dominating GRB.

UK is its own problem. Make your own thread.

Sweden is simply better at top tier ground, hence a lot of these issues.


Germany made it so they should get it. That is fair.


The armor package found in the Strv 122s is was designed and produced by Germany and has been and is used in the German tanks: PSO (optionally), 2A6EX, 2A7V (in service), 2A7+, 2A7A1 and 2A8 (in service), among others.

There’s PLENITY of options for Germany, including PSO, when it comes to having upgraded armor.