Lets talk about the state of Germany

Fear of Russian fans XD

sice 3 a i agree but kow they burned the community!

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unfortunately in the wrong language, right?

The text on the left is in german. The text on the right is the english translation.

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it is definitive different, please keep up the pressure

since when? USSR bias started?

They left Russia and go to Hungary. As in clean memory in 2014.

I’ve been playing the game since 2016. but to be honest I’ve rarely felt as screwed as I do now!


My personal condition, if you don’t mind, are the 3 German Tanks as they were and currently still are. No historical replacements, the OG War Thunder Panther II, Tiger II 10.5 and Flakpanzer 341.

Maybe I will find atleast some closure then, atleast for the Tech Tree of my Homeland in War Thunder.


That’s fine with me, but it doesn’t change the fact that Germany has been disregarded for years. If the vehicles used in the Bundeswehr were real, the German TT would be boring but good. All the experimental vehicles are interesting but pointless. As long as there is the “Begleitpanzer 57” in TT, there can also be a LYNK. However, I would like to see a current Puma with missiles, the Boxer with alternative armaments and the current Leo with their real combat power in the game.


So agree with you. But i want all vehicles made by Germany in Germany tech tree.

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What also bothers me are the missing German post-war soldiers, regardless of whether they are NVA or BW.
And quite honestly the bescheuertern / winter) Tranungen for German BW / NVA vehicles.

i can understand you. My point was that the vehicles used by Germany alone would make an excellent TT. I fully agree with you that there are many interesting vehicles that were not used in the German armies.

I made a bug report on the PSO’s missing armour


thank you!


I put this 3 months ago trying to fix german bombs

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Germany doesn’t have one. Only small nations and nations where information is hard to find, like China, have one. Also in the case of Chinese consultant, he admitted that he gave false information to Gaijin to sabotage Chinese vehicles in game.

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yes italy… the land where information is hard to come by

I can already tell if a mod does answer it will be rejected as Wikipedia is not an acceptable source. Those one tech mod’s admitted that if report isn’t properly made, they’ll just ignore it.

You do know the consultants job is gather information for Gaijin, they have no influence on which vehicles get chosen, outside of how difficult getting the information is.