Leopard 2A7V discussion & bugs

i just checked the specifications of DM63 apfsds it appears that it keeps the speed it dosent say anything about sacrificing speed


who knows it may just be the extra penetration those shells keep over other shells i still need to test with type 10

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The missing side composite armor was corrected today!

I am wondering: wasn’t this composite also supposed to be on 2A5, 2A6 and 2PSO, just like the 122s? As far as I am aware, this composite is found in all second gen Leopard 2s onwards.

If that’s the case, can someone report it?


victory, now time for the spall liner


Which is what I’ve said :)

Nop, only added with ballistic package on 2A7V.
PSO maybe but idk

PSO use hull of 2A6EX DEMO2.I also have doubts about this

Another strange 2A7V issue I found; it’s missing NERA and more than 100mm of protection on the right cheek! Bug, or intentional?

EDIT: even weirder… apparently it has the same amount of NERA, but, somehow and for some reason, it just doesn’t match the visual model. Still missing the protection though.


It is true in game it has one less layer in the composite armor.

they forgor

it dosent never did miss a layer since nothing was installed there
see this is a 2A7V

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Is bad modeled and it appears having one layer less. See by you own



I already knew that. I see it before

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ooo i missinterpreted you, when you said it is true you forgot to put a comma and it confused me thinking that you said its true it has one layer less in the composite

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Oh don’t worry, we were both wrong then lol

And the hull armor is wrong too. It is thinner than it should be (I know this is the DEV server but it is for info)

STRV 122PLSS (for anyone who thinks it’s mine protection fault)

Leopard 2A7V

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Maybe when M829A3 comes…

DM63 is easy to introduce into the game now, since its penetration is quite the same as DM53, so it’s more like renaming DM53 to DM63. And if I didn’t remember wrong, fire a DM63 from a L/44 gun doesn’t need to do big changes to the breech.

Model issue yes. These blocks are volumetric, that’s why its currently missing armor.
If the dimensions are corrected the armor will adjust automatically.

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Yea I want to think is a model issue and not an wanted issue ahahahaha. Jokes aside, I already knew that it was probably a fault with the model but I saw it and wanted others to know so if in the Live comes like that people know (in case they didn’t know hahahahaha)

That was submitted as a suggestion a while back by @FurinaBestArchon go give it some love:

we hope it gets introduced

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