LOVA/SCBD propellant - i.e when blowout panels are not enough for you and you're looking for a 0% detonation chance.

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Long story short, this suggestion pertains the future of NATO’s ammunition - those who are familiar with Leopard 2s are likely aware that their ammunition going from DM63 onward is pretty insensitive, so much so it achieves an IM level of 5 according to STANAG 4439 which states the following:

" The fifth most violent type of munition reaction where the energetic material ignites and burns non-propulsively. Primary evidence of a Type V reaction is the low pressure burn of some or all of the energetic material."

DM63 KEP achieves this rating in 2 out of 3 tests (those being against KE & fast heating), it achieves a level 4 against CE jets, and this level is defined as:

" The fourth most violent type of munition reaction with ignition and burning of confined energetic materials which leads to a less violent pressure release."

Munitions currently in the game that would benefit from this mechanic are:

  • DM11 HE-FS
  • M338 APFSDS

Munition that would benefit from this mechanic in the future are:

  • M829A4 APFSDS
  • possibly M829A3 APFSDS

tl;dr basically those munitions don’t explode, at worst they will deflagrate against CE threats, and at best will only slowly burn away (or turn black and disappear) against KE threats.

This could be introduced as either:

  • ammunition being given a VERY LOW chance of detonating (sub 5% - or even 0%) or as a roll dice between non-detonation and burning away of the ammunition (which would’ve to be put out using the FP system - some tanks do have such, namely Leopard 2s).

note: I’d love to upload a pdf file from DM63s and DM11s IM tests, but sadly the forum does not accept such files (and don’t worry, they’re not classified or restricted). However if needed, I will gladly share screenshots for relevant information.


It would surprise me if we ever got those future munitions. They could have already been implemented but they haven’t because Russia would get obliterated.

Last I checked, DM63 and DM53 both share the same penetrator and i believe the same chamber pressure as well? I think the only real difference is the propulsion material being less sensitive/insensitive, and if thats the case, it could very much already be ingame.

I do understand though that gaijin loves handholding russian mains and that barring the upcoming T-90M (likely in the next few patches) they wont get any new increase in armor like NATO SHOULD be getting with new composite arrays, and they have no new high performance shells either with their 3BM59/60 being their top performance shells.

Considering this, it is highly likely NATO gets handicapped even more in the future as gaijin tries to maintain russian supremacy in their game, or at least top tier relevancy…

if gaijin do so, can the Russia or China get their ammunition explosion suppression device?