Leopard 2A7V discussion & bugs



thats a prototyp of the Leopard2A7A1 not a 2A7+ and no amap ads

Wow I didn’t know about the actual amount of accuracy, it has even to stop artillery shells.

well that’s what it claimed in the rheinmetal page and they did a live test fire of the aps and it indeed worked against artillery or the shells simulating artillery
also here the aps



Well on this game (if some day this variant is added) sadly is not going to stop even smoke shells so…

Does DM63 improve the stability of shells in special environments? I think this may be helpful……

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It does plus it does have an slight increase of 8% in penetration, also chances of exploding are decreased in 90%, in a test they shot an Anti tank charge directly at the ammo casing and it never blew up


May this shell be shared with CR3(P) gajin

Challenger 3p should be completely able to use DM63 of Even Dm73 but they are more interested in developing another Shell

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I think with the new addition of the Russian top dog, NATO tanks (which have it) need to receive AntiERA tip APFSDS’s. If they don´t this game (like the past 3 years) is going to remaing “balanced” to only one side of the table (Speaking about tanks primarly). That or givin NATO tanks Spall iners… or even better leave the T-90M without and then add it when more vehicles has it modeled as well… I don´t know i feel like Gaijin has some type of hate towards NATO tanks in general that or something else…


It looks great. If GAIJIN is equipped with ammunition and this feature, it means we can store some ammunition inside the hull of Leopard 2

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I’ve noticed i’m the dev server DM53 and M829A2 have much easier times penetrating trough any ERA than other Shells Even better than 3BM60

Then I need to try it and compare to the live server. Leave me some time

Kinda hard try to make only 1 specific part of the ammunition not explode while You carry lets Say 2 DM11 You have to code it in a way of making 2 Shells explode while the rest dosent

Simple test, same results on the DEV than the live (Test using 2 already added vehicles to evade the typical work in progress comment)

Live Server:

DEV Server:

The only remarkable thing is that it says -6mm but probably is the camera angle I dont know.

DM63 does not increase the penetration, in fact it would probably pen less because the muzzle velocity is slightly lower compared to DM53.

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It’s not lower in general. Its performance remains more stable across all relevant temperatures

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At 20°C, the muzzle velocity of DM63 is slightly lower because it performs more consistently.


rn the armor testing dosent work too well and for the most part i was testing on a T90M a friend using the STRV122 top shell couldnt pen the side cuz of relikt or most of the time it didnt spall while me using the 2A6 DM53 i penetrated the side with no problems whatsoever only a few times it stopped the shell and it was rare the same happened to a friend testing the M1A2 abrams M829A2 perfect penetration we also tested the breach and also much easier time than on other tanks

I didn´t test it in game but being Gaijin … I really doubt they add Anti ERA tip for NATO tanks. Or even “”““buffing””“” the already added ammo to be able to do something against the T-90M.