Leopard 2A7V discussion & bugs

Ok so the Leopard 2A7V is here and it is in a very unfinished state.
Partially ofc because it’s the dev server but there are also issues that previous Leopards have that are very likely to come to live server if not reported correctly.
I’ll post all the relevant reports on the 2A7V here so we can keep track of what has been fixed.

Problems with the 2A7V on dev server and their current bug report status
Forwarded as a suggestion: 4/25
Acknowledged: 7/25
Rejected: 5/25
Fixed: 9/25






What i dont understand is how they are using a board in some demonstrations as a primary source that they consider more reliable than the bundeswehr OWN site and vehicle official features. Hence how they decided the speed should be 61 kmph instead of 63.


Riccochet bug and Internal armor report have been adjsuted. Furina had a private discussion with Trickzzter about the matter



So there is hope, currently just gotta wait until fixes arrive and we get an actual non blue leo at least


Yea i guess we should just wait for the leo to get unsmurfed and then maybe, just maybe, we might not get PSO treatment this time because im sure the german playerbase will just riot at this point


Besides that missed reports

2a7V does not use DM12, needs DM33 as stock ammo

Good ol flooting turret bug

Missing internal composite side armor


i wonder if they take the same base model some intern made 6 years ago and try to update that for all “new” tanks…

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All added now

Side skirts bug, one has 50mm protection the other 100m

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someone mentioned that the rear track holders that are on the model rn have not been seen on the 2A7V instead only on the 2A7HU, at least from that users research

eh what do you mean specialy? i dont know what you mean

these, that user only found images of the hungarian 2A7 with em and no 2A7V with em

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They very much are on the 2A7V.


fair, as I said another user in a discord mentioned it and I was curious since I got no clue about the Leos

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Is it me or does the Gunner Optics look diffrent on pictures compare to the ingame Leo 2a7v ones ?

It is beautiful to watch german mains and non-german mains come together to give the Leopard 2A7V what it deserves, hopefully we are victorious this time, unlike last time with the PSO.


an yet a portion of them cry for some reason

Probably because they dont know the Dev server is a WIP. I’d cry too if It turned out that the gimped rounds the 2a7v are given cannot even flat pen the side of a T-90M.


I would be surprised if they could even kill it considering the current state it is in



Is there an explanation why all strv122’s hull roof armour is able to richochet apfsds while the Leopard 2A7V and Leopard 2PSO is unable to (with the leopard 2PSO having the same MEXAS armour package)?

Both composite screens are 45mm but the PSO’s and 2A7V’s acts completely differently from the Strv122s. The leopard 2PSO’s armour was reported in the dev server but the bug still made it to live and is still present. This bug has been reported twice and has been shot down both times. First Report, Second Report. Because of this bug, the Leopard 2PSO is frontally less protected than all other leopard 2s in game.

The modern armour reporting would not apply as this is a damage model bug not a historical one. If “The processing of reports regarding DM errors of MBTs does not change”, why did the PSO’s report get forwarded as a suggestion?

Also the diameter of APFSDS is still smaller than the thickness of the roof hull armour so I don’t believe overmatch applies either.

We are getting very annoyed because when we said we want an “armored leopard”, we meant on the level of the strv122, which clearly the 2A7V is currenty not. This becomes extremely infuriating especially when the new strv122b+ does not have this problem and the 2A7V does.

We are aware that this is the first dev server but urging you to please forward and fix this as soon as possible because this bug is still present on the PSO. Labelling “Not a bug” does not help the case and makes people more anxious and upset.

To further re-iterate why I believe this is a damage model error:



Both composite panels are the same thickness, angle and should be part of the same MEXAS package as seen below:


Furthermore, the RHA underneath the composite panels are also exactly the same.


So to me it does not make any sense why they perform so different.


Who would have guessed?

The Leopard 2A7 received fantasy nerfs and the T-90M received fantasy buffs…how unexpected. :D