Leopard 2 PSO

What is the point of the PSO, its literally just a 2A5 with a .50 cal on top which is nice but offers nothing else compared to the other leopards.


it has time fuze he !!!11

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Its not a 2a5, PSO hull armor is significantly weaker and the angled part doesn’t ricochet shells but in fact spalls harder.

Timed fuze? Best MBT no equal.


Which shouldnt be since PSO hull armor is based D tech and should be able to mount Add-on armor.

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Or even that. I posted it on ru server.

We both know they just dont care and do what they want.

İts a shame that PSO came into this game with this type of treatment, could’ve been such an amazing tank….


It is a Lineup filler. Just like the Challenger 2 TES and 2F, and the Leclerc Azur, and the TKX(p). The PSO is no worse than the 2A5, it got an engine upgrade to keep nearly exactly the same hp to weight ratio as the stock 2A5, whereas the Azur, the 2F and the TES are just slower versions of the original vehicles. Germany already has the best MBT in the game in the 2A6, and so all the other vehicles around it, the 2PL, the PSO and the 2A5 are just around it to fill the lineup.

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2a6 is not the best mbt in the game


Strv 122 will better


Honestly, I put it on par with the 2A6

One of the biggest issues with the Leopard 2 is it’s horrible at dealing with helicopters, the 7.62 mg does shit damage and elevates as high as the main gun. 50 cal fixes that.

Additionally the side stops BMP-2M 30mm apfsds and it’s only a tiny bit slower.

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this is the only reason i want it lol

Thats fair, i dont often get close enough to helicopters to shoot at them with machine guns at top teir, but between the 2A5,PSO,2A6 and Strv 122’s the differances are really minor.

It’s good to see that German players are still fighting for their rights

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Seems like you’re still living in 2020 buddy.

Welcome to 2023 where best Leopard sits at Swedish Tree not German.

Also there is a huge Difference between Leo2A6 and Strv122 and that is survivability.

Unlike 2A5 or 2A6 you cant just Lol pen Strv122.


DM43 through L/55 performance, but with armor.
The only reason Strv 122 is “the best” is cause it has more armor, and trades that for a worse round.
Otherwise it’d be 12.0.

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İn practise it doesnt matter if you fire M/95 or DM53 since both of them pretty much can penetrate same areas.

İf only DM53 had Anti-Era feature, your so called better shell argument could’ve been actually valuable.


It’s no exaggeration to say that the PSO is a weakened version of the 2A5. Because it has slightly enhanced anti-helicopter capabilities, it is placed at the top level. Moreover, it has a bunch of additional armor that reduces mobility and is not very useful. It has lost the track armor of the 2A5 and 2A6, and it can’t even defend against the 3BM42, haha. Why isn’t this tank, which is behind the times, placed together with the 2A5? The 2A6 is still currently the strongest MBT in Germany.

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Yeah, would have been a great addition, like 3-6 months after the A5. As side grade, or to maybe slight downgrade. Question is whether the cal50 and the useless anti heat-armor panels compensate the loss of the track side armor and the additional weight=reduced mobility/agility.

Out of question is the comparison with the A6. The reduced firepower pretty much seals the deal. The A6 is by far the better vehicle, which is why alot ppl asking why its above the A6 on the top.

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