Larger Maps Need To Be Made For Top Tier Ground. This does not mean only long range engagemnents

Main reason I play subsonic CAS primarily. More of a challenge, though I wish we got more reliable options to actually counter teams that just have hordes of AA. Can see why we don’t, but fuck trying to approach the field when there is 3 different VT1 slingers up is rough.

But that’d also be aided by larger maps.

This is why I love the Su-25T, since I can sling X-29Ts from spawn.

I wish I had anywhere near the luck you do with the 29s. Often they just fail to track, usually get 1 to hit the target but almost never enough hits to actually counter the number of VT1 slingers they decide to bring.

Mission accomplished! CAS countered ;)

It is also a bit of a game of chance because sitting in the middle of the map is decidedly unhealthy most of the time. If I sit middle of the map on “my” side, I’m open to getting clapped by any adventurous soul around B peeking out of the rocks, or from any enemy who came onto our side of the map that you usually won’t see until they’ve sent you a dart care package. Which means it’s more of a mid/late game position you can take with any chance of success.

Especially in a missile SPAA; the Lvkv is just an absolute little troll machine since it gets a half-decent dart for anti-tank work, and a lot of people for some reason either forgot or haven’t experienced yet that the 40mm dart fired by it can really ruin your day, it’s like death by a thousand cuts. Well, 24 cuts really, then I have to sit and take a breather ;)


If you want a 100% hit chance, you have to fire them once they are capable of “Track”, not just “Point”. That’s around 5-6k, though it makes the missile much easier to intercept and introduces a higher chance of dying to AA.


I want (part of) the City ARB map for GRB
Large but urban with options for longer range engagement with the big park

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Handy. I’ll note that down, always just got within range to get point and legged it once it was off the rail.


The Lvkv is gloriously effective at smiting tanks. Can shred toptier Russian stuff from the front.

Though I wish there were more spots you could hide it on other maps, Tunisia’s really the only one you can effectively hide somewhere out of the way to engage air targets.

You may think that, but in reality I’ve already fired both of my 29Ts off.

(They both missed horribly)

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I think I mentioned it in one of those “delete CAS” topics, if they would combine Air RB/Ground RB into “Combined Arms”, fix the rewards for air so you can grind planes in that mode, maybe allow for a first-spawn of a plane much like heli’s, and sort out SPAA rewards, and their inability to see/lock targets flying overhead, I bet you can get the majority of the “no touchy my CAS” and “CAS is cancer” folks in the same game and they’ll both be happy.

Heck, I’d play that. Especially if the maps are the size of big Tunisia. I think you could go bigger but then you’d need 24v24 I feel.


I run the Su-25T at extremely low altitude, flank around 90dg of the battlefield, turn in, then quickly pop up, fire off a 29T, and slam back down as low as I can again.

Small window for being shot, they can rarely know where you’ll pop up, and it gives them a much lower response time.

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Seems similar to my approach, just a lot closer. Handy to know, I was basing my process off Sim so good to know it doesn’t exactly transfer to Ground RB.

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New york when?

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Though I feel we may have just voided this argument. Dutch fellow made the CAS better.

I still play it safe and take the “get his guns, get his tracks, zip around, get his engine, get his everything else” route for close range work. Admittedly I’ll sometimes just take the gun and sit there. Staring. Occasionally shoot it again. Shoot the engine. Stare some more. I know, I’m an ass… I did get someone to J out that way, though :D

Longer range I’ll just take their barrel/breach and let them contemplate the error of their ways while I get the hell out of there and somewhere safer and leave it up to my team to deal with them. Or not, in which case I’ll just run screaming like a little girl and then die to the CAS plane I didn’t see because I was too busy running.

As far as hiding it, it works on Sun City, oddly enough, but you have to spawn north and hide behind the rocks on the north-west. Similarly Aral Sea. And maybe the El Alamein with the desert bit on it (forgot the exact name), you can find a few spots there that are trolly like that. Basically any map that has a halfway decent view of the sky on one side (or all sides) can work, but it also has to be far enough away from a cap/“usual route” to not get you spotted and clapped by tanks.


I agree. I’ve said this before that the maps should be long range with some cqc bits

That’s why I like sitting in the middle of the map because it becomes a head-on at that point - or close enough to it that it’s a lot easier taking a shot. Not that my success rate with it is enormously high but… it’s fun sometimes ;)

Did I? Like I said, I have no problem with CAS (you can dislike something and still be okay with it :P) but it has to be balanced. If getting a kill means maneuvering, positioning, and knowing when to pop up and take the shot - that’s great, I have to do the same in my tank. If countering those things means I have to be smart about where I put my SPAA, I find that infinitely more entertaining than sitting in/near spawn hoping someone’s dumb enough to fly straight and level.


Aye, was joke about the fellow giving advice stemming from the discussion.

Only real issue I have as someone who plays CAS is SPAA being able to engage air whilst air can’t engage it due to temp invuln. Definitely sucks. But maps being bigger would probably also remedy that.

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I get why they put the timer on, but I think larger maps would also invite SPAA to get out of spawn and find a better spot to sit in - then again that assumes people think which… well.

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I think they should start for add more “open maps” and less urban rat mazes, right now 27 maps, near the half of the maps are stupid urban mazes.
I miss more maps like Sinai, yes. Is not very good but at the least is not full of buildings and you can use the terrain.
Another point is they need remove the last maps changes and return the sniping spots and closed areas like in Sands of Sinai and Mozdok.