Larger Maps Need To Be Made For Top Tier Ground. This does not mean only long range engagemnents

TLDR → Map scale leads to less diversity of gameplay and hampers the performance of certain trees, and annoyed me enough to complain for several paragraphs that may or may not make sense.

Just got 4 maps that are utterly ruined, and descend into spawn to spawn shooting in seconds. The worst examples of this being short Normandy and short Hurtgen. I can’t think this is particularly enjoyable in low tier, but I have not seen these in low tier and instead only run into it at 10.7-11.7. This leads to problems where Italy, Japan(?), France, and Britain are basically removed straight from the start of a match. This is not the way the game should move forwards, as it drastically limits playstyles that people can engage with.

Personally, I don’t like CQC. It is boring to my mind. However, I am aware some of the playerbase enjoys it for some reason. The devs seem to cater only to these people, which seem to be generally Russia/America players, who benefit more from the point blank brawling. But I am of the mind that this isn’t necessary, that a properly made map can cater to most preferences at once, with my ideal example being Sands of Tunisia.

*Tunisia does have issues, but to my mind it is their best map at present.

With maps like this, you’ve long range sections for people who find it more enjoyable (left), medium-short range (center), and CQC (right). I am not entirely sure any other map does a similar thing regarding this, and I personally find most the rest quite a drag to play on. Few cater to long range tanks (Partially because a vocal portion of the playerbase can’t aim and complain, but also because long range engagements need further refinement which certainly doesn’t help the prior issue), with most catering to point blank engagements or if you’re lucky you’ll get a medium-short range map. These shorter maps also are progressively cutting out flanking paths with each change to them which hampers some nations, mainly minor nations.

I think the best example of this problem is the Challenger 2. The shoddy job modeling could at least be worked with on long range maps, but the continued shortening of them is making the challenger pretty rough to play. I assume this is a similar problem for Italy, with it definitely being a little bit of a headache for France due to the flanking paths being taken out and Gaijin assuming the Leclerc is made of pixie dust and Camembert. This poor modeling could at least be accounted for easier due to being able to flank on the shorter maps, and relatively accurately engage things at long range with more chance of the armour actually working.

I assume a similar issue for Japan given the armour profile but I don’t play Japan and have not discussed it with anyone who does so take this with a grain of salt.

I also have reached the conclusion in discussions with folk that this also impacts the stock grind. This has been alleviated to an extent with the stock darts and such, but forcing tanks to brawl when they don’t necessarily have the performance in armour to carry them through until they have a dart that makes brawling somewhat more workable is likely making it far slower going. Opening up maps to more playstyles can help people get through the stock grind in a way they prefer (Not necessarily better or worse), without feeling pressured to GE things. This may just be personal opinion of me and those I discussed it with though.

Spent way too long writing this. But those maps were annoying. If it looks like I left an idea half finished, please let me know. Seems my keyboard ate half of my sentences.


need to place point D for capture, this and increase the maps


I think I will soon see an old acquaintance coming to oppose you :D. and +1, we need more large maps

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You forget we are living in the age of tiktok and any map where you aren’t immediately firing five seconds after spawning is not going to fly with the majority of the target audience.

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Big tunisia is relatively long range map yet you can shoot at each other from near spawns. Just climb first hill you see

You want to fix the spawncamping problem?
Make it each side of the map has a spawn zone that extends all the way along the border of that side and that you can spawn anywhere within that zone.
Problem solved.


You know the big hills block the sight to the spawns and you can drive around them, right?

How does this relate at all to either of the two posts preceding?

You replied to me.

That still doesn’t answer what I asked.

You asked if i want to fix a spawn camping problem. I don’t see any spawncamping problems if the spawn sniping is optional.

Then why did you bring up shooting into spawn.

Here are the long range maps currently in-game:
Sands of Sinai, Red Desert, Surroundings of Volokalamsk, Fire Arc, Pradesh, Maginot Line, Euro Province, Fields of Poland, and of course large Tunisia; 8 rather massive maps in the context of tanks.

We need reward multipliers for map size; that’s the solution you get to convince players to like large maps. Gotta support large maps.

Because you mentioned that not firing 5 seconds after spawning doesn’t cater to most people, so i said that the big tunisia allows you to join the battle quickly while allowing long range sniping.

Aren’t the rewards increased based on battle duration?

Hence why I brought up that this is a problem with the way spawns work in this game and then you responded with something unrelated.

Yes, but that requires players being active.

I don’t see how there is a problem with spawn camping if your spawn can’t be camped. you optionally choose to drive up the hill to join the sniping fight, you’re not at your spawn anymore even if it is close and you have the option to leave your spawn safely if you don’t want to join the fight.

I don’t see how there is a problem with spawn camping if your spawn can’t be camped.

But it can? If you spawn south side on large tunisia and sit on the side of the large hill that is only on your side you can camp the opposing spawn easily with little risk.
Which wouldn’t be an issue if you had spawn zones rather than spawn points.

I’ll have to double check that then.