KMDB T-84 BM Oplot-T - Royal Thai Army's Stronghold

Doubtful, simply because the base tank would have some very high stats when you look at it. It’s basically a slightly fatter T-90M, but with even stronger kinetic protection where the ERA is present, and an actual good reverse gear. It’s probably gonna be the end of the tree. Maybe something like a Malaysian T-84 that’s was trailed and was less advanced, so could be at a lower BR where most squad vehicles are

It’s true, Japan does get to enjoy a variety of MBT’s and a good SPAA to help, but they lack a lot of light tanks that are stabalized, any good ATGM tank destroyers, the helicopter tree is very meh, and they have some of the most limited CAS options in the entire game. For me, the lack of CAS is a big deal, as it’s an option I really like having in top tier ground, and also light tanks for scouting and support plays. In this sense, Japan is definitely lacking, and could use some options

Also would be nice to have an MBT with some actual armor from once, like the Oplot or Leopard 2SG


Regarding CAS (and before this goes off-topic), I’ve created seven new suggestions for Thailand, including some important CAS aircraft which could be added;


afaik they choose Polish PT-91 instead of T-84

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Yee, and the PT-91 could also be added if the devs wanted to give Malaysia to Japan, but the Malaysian T-84 could be added in the same way the T-80U was added to Sweden, as it was on trial in the country. I advocate for this route in particular, as I doubt we’re going to see Ukrainan vehicles added any time soon as an independent nation or sub tree, so this would oddly leave Japan as the best place to add Ukrainan tech, first from Thailand, and potentially from Malaysia.
I might actually try and make a suggestion for the Malaysian T-84, as it’s represents a slightly older version the the Thia Oplot-T, and would be the only other way to get a variant of an T-84 in game besides adding Ukraine.


Oh don’t worry, I’ve seen a lot of your suggestions for Thailand(and am greatful for the work you’ve put in) and agree that Thai air would help give Japan many competitive CAS options.

I was simply making a comment about the current state of top tier Japan. In the future if the add Thailand and other Southeast Asian nations, thaings can change dramatically for Japan.


+1 considering japan ground is quite empty, this would benefit them a lot, cuz afterall they have a thai f5 now :)


Full send dude, you should!


It’s been made, is wating mod approval tho, so hopefully they accept


Lemme know what y’all think!


Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.