KMDB T-84 BM Oplot-T - Royal Thai Army's Stronghold

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KMDB T-84 BM Oplot-T - Royal Thai Army’s Stronghold

Hi and welcome to my 25th suggestion, which is about the Thai T-84 BM Oplot-T, hope you like it. :popcorn:

First of all:

  • This is a suggestion for a Vehicle we could see in game at some point in the Future , that doesn´t mean next Patch or somewhere in the near Future
  • Feel free to share more Information and / or correct me if something is wrong
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Basic Background

The post T-80 tank era witnessed a drive toward diesel alternatives due to the evident shortcomings of gas-turbine engines. Initiating various projects in the mid 1970s, Leningrad Kirov Plant (LKZ) and Omsk Transport Engineering Design Bureau explored diesel options like the Obj. 219RD and the Obj. 644, respectively. However, focus remained on the gas-turbine engine, supported by Defence Minister Dmitry Ustinov. Simultaneously, Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau (KMDB) started work on the Obj. 278, with an 6TD 1000hp diesel engine. Yet, it was overshadowed by the more advanced Obj. 476 and later the Obj. 478M, equipped with more advanced systems but abandoned due to cost concerns.
Post Ustinov’s demise in 1984, the Ministry of Defense turned serious about diesel equipped T-80s. In 1985, the government approved the diesel powered T-80U project, resulting in prototypes like the Obj. 478B and Obj. 478A. Despite initial issues, the Obj. 478B variant entered service known as T-80UD in 1987; later showcased in the 1990s Moscow Victory Day Parade and the 1991 Soviet coup attempt.
KMDB’s initiatives led to developments like the T-84 Oplot, featuring a welded turret and advancements like the Obj. 478D with Aynet fire control system.
The Obj. 478DU4 gave rise to the T-84 Oplot, which had the 125 mm caliber gun replaced with a 120 mm able to fire NATO ammunition. Trials and prototypes like the T-84-120 (Yatagan) for Turkey showed their efforts to adapt to NATO ammunition and electronics.
Before the USSR’s dissolution, the Kharkiv factory continued its T-64 platform’s development, eventually producing the T-80UD with an opposed piston diesel engine, which later evolved into the T-84. Over the 1990s, further enhancements led to the famously known BM Oplot, with a ton of modernizations, including western derived technologies, solidifying its position as a formidable modernized soviet style tank.
The Royal Thai Army’s 2011 order for 49 Oplot-T tanks faced delivery delays, leading to reports of a potential shift to the Chinese VT-4 tank by 2017. However, Ukroboronprom confirmed the successful completion of the 2011 contract by March 2018, finishing the delivery of the final batch to Thailand.


The T-84 BM Oplot-T Overall

The BM Oplot tank is a stronghold on tracks with high protection across three levels: APS, ERA, and base armor. Its active protection, called Varta, derivated from T-90A’s Shtora system. Additionally to the strong protection; laser warning systems (LWS) and non-damaging dazzlers strategically positioned to maintain the tank’s armor integrity.
A standout feature is the Duplet ERA, defending the front and sides against HEAT and KE threats. However, its bulkiness necessitated a more compact base armor; reduced to a three-layer configuration.
The focus on protection also significantly increased the tank’s weight - now being 51 tons - to compensate this, the engineers integrated the 6TD-2 diesel engine, delivering 1200hp akin to the T-64’s 5TDF but providing a power-to-weight ratio of 23.5 hp/t. This engine also features automated gear control, replacing tillers with a steering wheel, enabling neutral turns, and featuring a gear reverser for seven forward and four reverse gears; all in all, the tank is able to achieve speeds up to +70/-35 km/h. This resolves a key tactical limitation of prior Soviet-derived tanks.
Enhancements in the Fire Control System (FCS) are obvious with the 1G46-M and PTT-2 thermal sight for the gunner (and the unmistakable commander sight). While capable of firing standard 125mm rounds, the BM Oplot features unique ammunition. Notably the GLATGM, which functions as a laser beamrider, a tandem warhead and 750mm penetration behind ERA.
Furthermore, attempts to develop a more modern APFSDS round, the 3BM44U1 failed, as it unfortunately never went further than mockup stage. However, some data regarding its intended performance exists - ~630mm pen, 1.700m/s - leaving potential for its addition.

GLATGM and 3BM44U1

grafik grafik

The T-84 BM Oplot-T (Obj. 478DU9-T), is the export version made specifically for Thailand. This version has slight adjustments to align with local conditions and needs; that including chnages in the radio communication system, air conditioning, and potentially other unknown minor modifications.

Thanks for your time, hope you liked it :salute:
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Ukraine will Deliver 49 MBT T-84 Oplot to Thailand and will be Completed in 2014 - RP Defense
THAIDEFENSE-NEWS: รวมภาพ รถถังหลัก OPLOT - กองพันทหารม้าที่ 2 พล.ร.2 รอ.
Ukrainian MBTs for Thailand | UNIAN
Ukraine’s Tanks Are So Good, Its Own Army Can’t Afford Them
Танк БМ «ОПЛОТ» (Объект 478ДУ9-1)

List of Suggestions for Thailand


Absolutely yes. Thailand would be a perfect way to get Ukraine added. +1


Oh, we need this one) +1


Tbh this is truly the only way I can see the Oplot being added without some nations (RU/UKR) being annoyed at its placement. Plus it’s like a chunky T80U with dramatically better ability in movement and fire-control (-35 KPH (21mph) Jesus that’s wild for a soviet style tank).




Indeed, same with the BTR-3s. Imo Thailand is also the best option as a Japanese sub-TT atm, it could fill some gaps and add said unique vehicles we would likely never see otherwise.
The Oplot-T is truly a big tank; I compared it to the Type 90 and T-80B in a user mission, it’s surprisingly bigger and tall. XD


+1, for USSR and Thailand wherever they may go.


1+ In a Thailand sub tree for japan


This seems like the only sensible plan to add Oplot into the game. It would probably not exist at all if USSR had not died out and now USSR tree already has the Soviet era variant. The service version in Thailand came almost 30 years after dead of Soviet Union, so it’s about as much related to Soviets as some of those Western modified Soviet tanks. Even for independent Ukraine tree it would be somewhat odd, since they have kept so very few of them themselves, though they could at least use the good old “filler” excuse, unlike bloated Soviet tree who still have load of other vehicles to add.

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Recently found these two pictures, one shows the thickness of the side skirts.




Definitely makes it obvious why it weight more than any regular T-80U modification

Also does anyone know how much KE protection a single plate of ERA should offer in war thunder?

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I feel like it would be nice to add that the T-80UD we know (with K-5 and a remote turret) was produced in 1987, being introduced in that year as well. Previous iterations used K-1 or T-80B models, such as the '478A, and those range from 1983-1985.

As far as I know it’s referred to as the T-84U ('478DU9), while the “T-84M” you refer to use T-84UM, as '478DU9-[1/T]. This is the Oplot-M / Oplot-T.
The T-84M I believe refers to the '478M, which was a tech demonstrator for various systems.


A single plate of which ERA?

Do you mean a unit of Duplet? Or Nozh?
These range in about 200-300mm of KE addition.

Isn’t Duplit the name for the triple layer of Nozh? Or it atleast uses the same mini shaped charges in the plates right?

But if a single plate is around Contact 5 levels of protection, that would make it’s KE values insane

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Its Duplet, overall the BM Oplot has an crazy amount of ERA all around it


~ Also added two new pictures to the OP, found a thai BM Oplot-T with full cover camo/thermal net



I think the ERA coverage is a bit generous for the side skirts shown in that image. In reality it’s coverage is probably a lot closer to the T-80U sideskirts, according to the Thai repair manuel
The green line would represent how far the ERA extends back

I’d love to be wrong tho, but don’t know of any other source that could prove otherwise


+1 for japanese sub-tt


Oplot-M in Ukraine
I’m Thai but I wish I had a chance to see it up close in Thailand, I never went to see military show in my country.

Oplot-M factory video

Приборкання звіра. Танк БM Оплот / MBT Oplot new 2017 (


The last two photos are Oplot-P, based on the T-80UD version of Pakistan, which proposed upgrading their fleet


By the way, there’s no reason the Thai Oplot couldn’t fire the Chinese ammo for the VT-4, as the Chinese shells should work in all older Soviet autoloaders…just saying