Siam-Thailand Lineups For Japanese Tech Tree

Those are AIM-9D’s if i’m not mistaken

AV-8S’s should be able to get AIM-9G’s too

The canards appear to be too large to be AIM-9Ds, the missile looks to be an AIM-9L.

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I can’t accurately determine the missile in the picture, but here is the diagram regarding the AIM-9 Family someone showed me on Discord.

Fins look long enough to be an L
When the AV-8S were in Spanish service they were equipped with AIM-9J/N and AIM-9P, including twin racks. But carried CATM-9L practice missiles as well.


Also it doesnt matter what missiles it used irl cos gaijin adds missiles for balancing


House Of BTR-3s

An image of Royal Thai Army BTR-3E1

Royal Thai Armed Forces host several types of IFVs, one of which is BTR-3 series. However, BTR-3E1 is not the only type of BTR-3 in Royal Thai Army service. In this post, I am planning to explore a little bit into the types of BTR-3 used by Royal Thai Army.



The most utilized type of BTR-3 in Royal Thai Army, BTR-3E1 is armed with both ZTM-1 Automatic Cannon and BARRier Antitank system. Under Royal Thai Army, BTR-3E1s were used as the platforms for mobile infantry, utility vehicles, and even as command vehicles (BTR-3K). If you would like to see BTR-3E1 in War Thunder, don’t forget to show it your support by voting the suggestions by Yontzee and WreckingAres!



The Antitank variant of BTR-3, BTR-3RK is armed with 4 Skif anti tank missiles and KT-12.7mm Machine Gun as its secondary armament. Similarly to BTR-3E1, if you want to see BTR-3RK in War Thunder, don’t forget to vote for the suggestion by none other than Yontzee!


An experimental vehicle, BTR-3E 90CSE is the BTR-3E1 armed with Cockerill CSE 90LP. While the purpose for the vehicle is unclear beside an experiment, an observer from AAG_th suggests that BTR-3E 90CSE might be used as the support vehicle, providing a supporting fire for the infantry, instead of an anti-tank or a tank destroyer. If you want to see BTR-3E 90CSE, don’t forget to vote the suggestion put up by WreckingAres!

AAG_th บันทึกประจำวัน: กองทัพบกไทยชมการสาธิตรถเกราะล้อยางติดป้อมปืนใหญ่รถถัง 90mm แบบ BTR-3E 90CSE (
AAG_th บันทึกประจำวัน: ยานเกราะล้อยาง BTR-3E1 กองทัพบกไทยและ Stryker สหรัฐฯยิงปืนด้วยกระสุนจริงในการฝึก Cobra Gold 2023 (
DEFENSE STUDIES: BTR-3E1 with 90mm CMI CSE90LP has been Tested in Thailand (
AAG_th บันทึกประจำวัน: กองทัพบกไทยลงนามข้อตกลงกับยูเครนในการสร้างรถหุ้มเกราะล้อยาง BTR-3E1 ในไทย (


I hope we can see all variants within a Thai sub tree at some point in the future. They would all help serve important roles in the Japanese tech tree!



I would like to start a discussion on the effects of the easement of the Three Arms Exports Ban and how it can affect the state of this proposed tech tree with Thailand. From what I can research, Japan has very limited success on its military exports but their first major success had been with the Philippines with Japan winning the bid for the ASRS Acquisition Project with the Mitsubishi FPS-3 Radar which was also offered to Thailand but from what I can see, it failed with Thailand choosing to go with Leonardo instead.



This however is not the only instance of Japan exporting military equipment. Before the 2014 repealment of the Three Arms Exports Ban by Shinzo Abe, Japan sent its retiring F-104Js to Taiwan’s ADTW in 1981.

ROC Air Force F-104J (Serial No. 4303)

Aside from this, Japan was able to build 2 Kunigami-class Patrol Vessels for the Philippine Coast Guard named as the Teresa Magbanua-class Patrol Vessels which have braved Chinese Coast Guard’s Harassment in the disputed West Philippine Sea.

BRP Teresa Magbuna (MRRV-9701)

Japan also has signed a contract to build 8 Mogami-Class Stealth Frigates for Indonesia and 6 Aso-class Patrol Vessels for the Vietnamese Coast Guard.

Mogami-class Stealth Frigate

Aso-class Patrol Vessel

Why discuss this you ask?

Well, Japan’s late entry into the defense export industry makes it hard to connect Japan to other nations but it does not mean it cant. Unfortunately, I cant see any concrete military exports to Thailand. If anybody knows any information on that matter it would be great.

The closest one that couldve happened was when rumors of Japan exporting its retiring Type 74s to the Philippines which if it had happened, would mean we could have like at least another rare Type 74 for the TT lol. But too bad, Japan is too much of a pussy to sell its military equipment. If you have any other news of Japanese exports, please share them thanks!


I heard Taiwan engineers found parts and engines from West Germany F-104G and Mitsubishi F-104J are not changeable sometimes lmao


IIRC the F-104J came before the G variant right? Maybe the engines not being interchangeable is the result of the avionics upgrades which probably changed the way how the engines are mounted? Im just spitballing lol, but why would it not be interchangeable I wonder - its the same engine across the variants right?

the same engine but one is MTU’s licensed production and another is Kawasaki’s i remember
And AIDC or what something upgraded these J varients to G standard

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From what I could think off in terms of vehicle exports most is WWII (which is arguably still half of the game right now). Here it would’ve been various aircraft, ships and Ha-Go tanks. Those go hand in hand with the actual military alliance the two nations had.

I guess reused Type 98 cannons mounted to T17E2 armored cars would also be related to Japan for that matter.

As far as post war goes the ones I can think of would be the Thai RTAF-2, their first domestic aircraft development post war, which was based on a Japanese Fuji LM-1. Another one would be the FD-25B Defender, the only armed military aircraft purpose built for export in post war Japan.

There might be more I forgot though.


AT-6TH with Thai Air Force camouflage firstly appears

AT-6 is coming

The AT-6TH Pilot Training Course at Textron Aviation Defense in Wichita, Kansas, scheduled from February 12 to May 15, 2024.
Eight pioneer participants from 411 Squadron, Wing 41, are attending the course, which includes close air support mission (CAS) training with the MX-15Di configuration, GBU-12 bombs, 2.75" rockets (M156), and HMP-400 .50 caliber guns. They are flying AT-6TH numbered 41103, which the Royal Thai Air Force has purchased and will be delivered to 411 Squadron, Wing 41 by the end of this year.
AT-6 is coming… - กองทัพอากาศไทย Royal Thai Air Force | Facebook


Oh, finally 👀 I will finish my suggestion for it and put it to the other ones in queue ^^

Edit: Done, there are now seven suggestions just for Thailand pending


The last of the propellers. Royal Thai Airforce F-8F Bearcat, Royal Thai Airforce’s last propeller-driven fighter aircraft.

Royal Thai Airforce received 204 F8F-1 and F8F-1B Bearcat fighters from the United States between 1951-1955, designated Fighter Type 15 by the Royal Thai Airforce. The Aircrafts were commissioned into 6 fighter squadrons for both Air defense and Ground attack roles. The Bearcat was the last piston-engine powered and propeller-driven fighter in RTAF’s inventory.


Does anyone know what the gun depression angles are for the BTR-3E?

-5 to +45 degree - I will add it to my Suggestion


Thank you, unfortunately it’s within the usual Soviet amount but good to know

new Tank Encyclopedia article of M3 Half-Track with 105mm Bofors howitzer


Tested In Thailand! Some pictures of foreign vehicles tested, but not adopted, by Thailand

Leopard 1A5

Vickers Mk3





SK-105 Kürassier