Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 3)

This thread is one of many on the forum. It doesn’t need to be used or active 24/7. All of the others can be used.


Yes, and the F-14A uses AIM-9Hs instead of 9Ls.

God I wonder what the next one will be like XD

AMRAAMS and the Gripen are pretty much confirmed to be in the December update

IIrc a confirmation isn’t a rumour so yea that is a no go for the next thread

It’s still a rumor considering these confirmations came from moderators in forum discussions rather than official announcements

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Bro no offense but you are 100% one of the biggest offenders here. I understand not everyone is perfect, including me, but it’s people like you who help turn this into a “general discussion thread” even tho I’m pretty damn sure the title and begging of it calls it something else.


Also imo soft confirmations are a better term for it.

Plans change. So until we see the devblog it’s not hard confirmed. However seeing as we know it’s planned it’s soft confirmed.


I’m saying that in the context of the Phantom against F-14. Yes, you can win in a Phantom, but a) it really needs to be low alt (tick. most fights are at low alt in ARB) and b) you really need to wrap it up by second turn.

And i’m ignoring the AIM-7Fs, which would are problematic at best to deal with. It can be done, but it’s not exactly easy to do. All of this assumes the F-14 player plays ball and goes into a flat-ish turn, doesn’t instantly brake and sweep wings out manually, that I know of.


I mean sure but I have a lot to say and share ideas but like I keep saying if don’t like me block me.
I will have no hard feeling towards you if you do that.

I’m not trying too be mean here right, but you openly admit that you don’t care that you are off topic on this thread, and then you solution isn’t too take your discussions somewhere else where they might be more helpful and on topic, but rather too hijack a thread and fill it with off topic posts. I do want a general discussion thread so folks like you have a place too chill, but at the same time is it too much too ask for some of y’all too not be off topic on this thread?

Hell @Miraz05 even linked the off topic thread which would probably be perfect for you


Ok fair enough m8 I will be chatting less on the next thread as most of the things I will not be interested in.

I will apologise to anyone I made feel angry and upset and the unwanted stuff I’m made through out the years.

@Smin1080p I want to personal apologise to you as well for my disgusting behaviour


This topic is not full 2 days old, yet we are over 1k?

I look forward gaijin announced planned technical works of this major update and Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up and Dicussion after this thread in this week


Yea emotions are running high at least this will make me happy

Insert Hopium,
But since the Halloween modes run till the 1st November, i doupt ot

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Pretty late

I never seen a update past 1st first before

Hoping we’ll get the technical works later today.


Can anyone tell me where the object is going to be in the tree?