Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 3)

I saw the pbm-5a in one of the accurate leaklists for this update was it on the Dev Server?

Waiting for the sales




Welp, my bad then, they’re defo overdue tho lol

Oh my bad I’m out of touch lol

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You are correct. We shall see is all I can say though

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Lol no worries m8 it happens in a high traffic thread hehe

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Well since there want be anything new for a while I say we lock this thread until the dev is updated

I just thought I’d be able to help pay their salaries sooner and I’m tired of waiting)

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For anyone who might have missed it:

They have a small QnA about the update. Guess they had one last patch but I never noticed it

Been posted for ages now

Yeah I think between a general chat thread, and just blocking the usual offenders from talking in this thread would greatly help.

Like a lot of people, I’m usually lurking in this threat too look for any actual rumors or leaks, as I personally want as too have a good idea what too expect next update, but there’s so much off topic, that I have too scroll through a sea of posts too find anything of actual value


Well this is the discussion page

but yea like I’ve said if you don’t like people block them

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Also, most of those offenders push forward the rumours. so this place would become dead.

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There isn’t really a need for a “general thread”.

We have discussion topics open on pretty much every subject and have multiple appropriate areas of the forum for people to use.

If people want a fast running discussion about generally everything, there are other platforms for that.

Simply it’s time those that know how these threads operate, have been here long enough and have been warned enough understand warnings are running out.

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I think that what they want.

Tbh if you just want the rumours then safe them to a note pad or MS paint.

I got a whole folder I’m planning to do on the next one

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Not at all.

Nobody is out trying to stop rumours like some sort of conspiracy.

We are talking about the floods of off topic.


The thing is, there isn’t much to discuss about just rumors, so people start to speculate
But on the other side, speculating is considered off-topic

So what is the point of this thread really, if 90% of what could be discussed is considered off-topic?


Do you have any plans to bring back “Off Topic Thread”?

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Some of the projections I have

made in the past have been correct.