Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 3)

Ima cream if that happens.

Hoping to see some light and heavy reconnaissance vehicles.
France and U.K feeling the same struggle.


well, yes and no, the only problems is where they are lacking there isnt mutch that can be put there, atleast that is Lineupp wise

wind sail

Indeed, 4 Leclercs is enough for the moment, I don’t find the need to get newer variants and modern (but some early variants for a ~10.0+ lineup would be nice) etc, just a big need to debug/unnerf them to keep them competitive.

What the top tier lacks is support vehicles. Reconnaissance / IFV / APC etc… So as not to leave the MBTs completely on their own and bring more diverse gameplay.

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@x_Shini Does that even exist?

unmanned turret ? sure, the KF41 comes in options with unmanned turrets or not and 30mm or 35mm cannon

Unmanned turret and 35 mm sounds like a plan. I will surely like it in game :)

Are there some more suprises that could possibly make it into this upcoming update? Things we haven’t seen yet?

EDIT: already saw your other reply to deathmisser

that is the joke the german community is going with, that germany will just end up with a completly better KF41 then hungary at the end, i dont realy believe in it but would be nice xD

I don’t think so…

answered earlier

Yeah my bad, spotted it too late.

hope dies last. And if we get kf, it didn’t have aps, so probably to make unmanned turret as a compensation :)

Speaking of the next update, there is still not sign that any RP Bonus is coming. The night battle stuff even had a blog post

I wait 50% off for all modifications, talismans and back-ups for all vehicle

(afaik that got quietly removed from the blogs, so nice shit gaijin i guess)

I thought that would be today:(

it didnt they still are speaking about it

yeah hoped as well, but guess gotta wait another day