Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 2)

image from before they added the ability to change flags on vehicles, when those textures were baked into the models

Okay. So China does then. But do they actually have Bluewater yet?

What are these flags?

What the link with gen 4 carriers?

There is one French flag, so gen4 carrier for France? xD

I more fear the Irish Carriers

This is how naval vehicle flags used to be in the files: these reference textures would be used as part of the permanent appearance of the vehicle( they’re now able to be changed ).

On the list of nations who operate AC 's w/ Gen 4 aircraft, China was missing - even though we have this evidence that they’ll be getting a navy tree in future.

Plus this Q&A answer:

Is it possible we will see a full Chinese Helicopter and Naval tree in the future?
Yes, we have plans for a Chinese helicopter research tree. This will not be such a hard task due to an already good amount of vehicles which we can choose from. Also China has their own domestic designed helicopters. With the Naval research tree, which we also have in our plans, it is an entirely opposite situation and hence, more complex.

( [QA] Answers from the developers - News - War Thunder )
It 's old, but it did confirm the recent addition of the Chinese helitree. So their naval component is likely still on the cards.

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So we gonna have the possibility to change flags on ships, like some sort of skin ?
And we could put whatever flag on whatever ship…?

They added that in the most recent major update. It 's already ingame.

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Oh gonna take a look.

I smell the cash grab, you need to buy one for each ship or one flag and you can use it everywhere? xD


Fair enough on them getting a Carrier, but that is still likely only 50% of nations with navy (or getting navy soon) with gen 4 CVs anyway.

With china they lack stuff from ww2. They have some stuff but nothing crazy i believe they don’t even have BBs so it’s interesting that they have plans for it. Where China shines is post war especially 2000-present day. Could be a hint that Chinese naval will be added when we transition closer to modern navys.


The howitzer is pretty neat, tho I’d have liked to have the m109 for the ROC too. Also i think yall are hetting the JH7A top tier ground attacker, but that isnt confirmed.

See China getting immediatly an interesting Navy, and not something butchered, with gap and half a navy…

Rant off*


honestly naval is the only mode I could see getting match making according to eras, because oh boy rn all gaijin is doing is just giving a higher every time a bigger ship gets added

The rare occasion when the naval players take over (at 4 in morning europe time)


Some other interesting things from old-ish Q&A 's, which might be worth re-discussing:

Q. Will we ever see helicopters in naval battles?
A. Helicopters in marine aviation play a very specific role, mainly it is anti-submarine warfare, scouting and target designation. For sure modern helicopters of marine aviation are able to carry anti-ship weapons like missiles but such weaponry require a separate research and we have not yet worked out this aspect of the battles at sea. In addition, the difference in the current ballistic missiles of ships and helicopters is too great, perhaps if War Thunder incorporates modern ships and helicopters, but so far there is no place for them in sea battles.
( [QA] Answers from the developers - News - War Thunder )

we saw the arrival of the Swedish air tree and the start of a Ground Forces tree, but do you have any long term ideas about any form of Swedish/Finnish/Scandinavian Naval tree?
At the moment another nation’s fleet is in the development and it is too early to talk about the Swedish naval tree.
( [QA] Answers from the developers - News - War Thunder )

Q. With the split between Blue-Water Fleet and Coastal Forces, is it possible we could see some nations receive an example of one tree but not the other? For example where examples of smaller boats are harder to find or the opposite where one navy does not have lots of examples of larger warships?
We think it is possible, but first we will try to add to the game fleets of those nations which have both fleet research trees.
( [QA] Answers from the developers - News - War Thunder )

I should do these reviews more often, forgetting important info is such a terrible thing.

they have a right their mode is somehow the worst mode despite getting the most hype before launch

It’s a real shame naval is in such a bad state, it has such potential, and almost all of it is because htey tried to C&P the map/gamemode designs from Ground.


Which is funny because i would say it’s much better then what it used to be but it still eh. I mean i find the gameplay somewhat fun cuz i always liked naval battles but it can get repetitive and annoying when dealing with bad DMs and one shots sometimes then there is the terrible rewards (except for SL which is good now) and the worst compression in this game. Even still i hope to still see improvements to the gamemode.

They had one distinct class of light cruisers made for them by the Japanese. Also some holdover armored cruisers that are unique but of dubious value. The post war ROC navy had the full gauntlet of ex-USA destroyers and destroyer escorts.

Also the PLAN somehow got their hands on an Arethusa.

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