Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 2)

To me it seems like this likely never going to happen, since the survivability of many postwar ships is so poor in comparison to WW2 and earlier types, and their damage output against the same. That 's dependent on the ship classes involved, and I think there will be a time when the top-of-techtree will no longer include ships of the second world war, but the overlap in era will most likely be a permanent feature of NF, since MM placement is primarily dependent on capability - something modernity doesn’t always influence.

I recall one of the WTM dataminers saying that SWE naval was planned for that game( swedish submarines, specifically ). We might be much closer to this now, since France has received their tree( probably the one " in development " mentioned in this Q&A).

Yeah, I enjoy the gamemode and see great potential in it, but doing the event for HMS Renown broke me. That was painful doing that many matches back to back (but did make a lot of SLs from doing it in a Premium Cruiser)

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I more so meant as the BR increases the ships get more modern kinda, less capable ships lower BRs sure, and I am not saying make the dreadnoughts low in the tree, just that pre WW2 ships really badly lacked AA capabilities and rn they are the top facing what most would agree is some of the most vicious unguided weapon carrying planes, I would love to have a mode that doesn’t replace naval just tries to make it feel more of the same era because I very much so want to see naval helis, like the stupid stuff that has no place in ground, look at the A.106 the heli I have brought up in the past, maybe an EC mode that is more focused on the era rather than the BR range so that we get to have a nice vibe and feel with a different meta forming

I think everyone who plays WT wants Naval to be good because it has so much potential


I’d like this a lot more if the battleratings were a little lower

They also had a few Japanese destroyers and destroyer escorts after the war.

The Arethusa class was heavily bombed shortly after defecting to the Chinese communists and turned into barracks/dorms.

Compression ?

No, start DDs lower so that the WW2 ships aren’t being bombed by 9.3 jets.

DD 's end at 5.x here, though

Everything past that is the projected DDG zone.

Yeah that’s also a big problem, but I think being bombed by supersonic jets is a little bit more.

I think this yet again boils down to we need new BRs for different modes

This would be the best solution, move most aircraft up a BR. You’d think Gaijin would see dreadnoughts from 1916 getting bombed by Arados and be proactive, but I guess not.

I would just love to see like those pre WW2 ships face early planes, it just feels right, there is a good balance of, not as capable planes facing, barely protected ships that lack AA fire. honestly naval needs to be moved away from the BR system, it just does not fit the style of gameplay WT could offer, I think where naval could shine is having another EC mode where it is more set on focusing on set eras each week.

The WT damage system just does not fit large ship normal match combat. Is there a discord that discusses possible changes to naval?

Gaijin must remember the Roadmap about increase RP rewards.
I dont care about those copypaste M109 but every players need RP rewards



I was ganna link the latest roadmap post but yeah the RP changes not mentioned

Yes, gaijin seems to be purposely neglecting to mention these features, but we players can’t forget that this is a much more significant impact on the game than those copy-paste.


they didn’t even bother modeling the single unique M109 that Italy used

They acknowledged it here
“Other Roadmap changes
We knew you’d ask, so we’ll include it here too. We know your anticipation about skill bonuses in RP as well as research bonuses for new nations, and we’re working on these right now too!”


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Yeah, could still come this update

but if it doesnt come this update, then they better have a good reason for it