Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 2)

Its called art, “modern” art

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We’ve heard your plans in advance, so we’re getting ready!

We love prism too :p

Naval aviation wise india is almost idential to russia with both their carriers being either ex soviet or a litteral copy of russian design so would fit far better there than the uk

It looks ugly. WW2 boats look so much nicer.

Yeah some holes are just not able to be filled (😳). Just how in ww2 some nations will have more carriers but other nations might make up for it in other areas i think the same will happen with post war carriers. Except U.S they just have everything lol

Not in regards to future Naval, I’d say.

Yep, Britain is just not a good place for India to go outside of extremely rare, hopefully one off SQVs. There are so many more options open for Britain that would at least fit with hte rest of the TT

India is just a bad and messy fit for Britain. Would feel completely disjointed. I know personally, Id never use it just because it wouldnt fit with the rest of the line up Id run.

China is also being left in the dust once again…srsly we cant just get good stuff such as an IFV, better helicopters/missiles, or an SMT/F-16C equivalent…

Toptier humor

So many photos of boats made me want to go out and stretch my legs

a minute later…



BTW if you never saw our futur CV, the PANG (not fan of the name… A “Napoléon” would have been nice, but might have made our European allies shudder :p)

(artist illustration)



Hopefully if gaijin keeps going down the “it was laid down so therefore its viable” route then britain wont need any gap fillers for aircraft carriers, alone we can get Hermes, Eagle, Courageous class, Ark royal, Illustrious class, implacable class, centaur class, audacious class, malta class, hms unicorn, hms argus, CVA-01, Invincible class and QE class

Not to mention all the refits and variations between ships

Yep, that would keep that TT going for a while

Y’all really talking about CV like playable ship ? Not just in the map for team ?

That 's your choice, but I feel the TT would lack significant ability to form a complete lineup once we reach these kinds of ships if not for the use of other nations. Relevant here being India, since they have the options to provide.

I mean theoretically we could also get all our ships we sold to other countries, the majestic class was build by us but almost entirely sold off to Canada, australia, brazil, argentina cough, india etc.

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Jyep, there 's evidence for that being in the plans here and it 's already in the works for WT Mobile - which has also sent things here.

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But again, assuming they dont want to limit this next gen naval to only nations with Carriers… what are they going to do for Japan and Germany. Does Italy even have a good Gen 4 Carrier option that wouldnt be Harriers?

If it was Britain and Britain alone without options, then Id agree, buts it not, I think its going to be exception to have a Gen 4 Carrier, which at the moment will probably be US with F-18, Russia with Su-33 and France with Rafale. No other nation in game currently has “Gen 4” carriers

I’m afraid but sure than when CV and Subs gonna come (if they come), only 2/3 country gonna have them for really long time :/

Id think it would be a long time before we see modern aircraft carriers though and germany alone has about 3 or 4 they could get from ww2 whilst Italy also has a couple and i dont think i need to mention japans aircraft carriers

Germany could also get a dutch CVE with sea hawks btw

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