Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 2)

Exactly, at least someone gets me!

OMG Escape from T-…
Sure thing!

You are reprecented

In the Navy !

The HMNZS Leander was originally the HMS Leander, it was gifted to New Zealand, why don’t we have the HMS New Zealand in game instead? We have the HMAS Tobruk!

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You tell me

I don’t have time to continue researching today, but from what I’ve found the best source is the one I listed. I did a little digging around and it’s oft-quoted when referring to at best, the intention to possibly equip the JH-7A and the Q-5 with it. I can’t speak to the Q-5, but the MFD’s and upgraded sensors on the JH-7A allow it to launch the KH-31, so it should have the same mounting ability, and conceivably, launch ability for the KH-29. Part of the reason for this is that Russia and China conducted joint research on fire control computers to allow future Russian and Chinese planes to benefit.

Planes such as the Su-30MKK for whom the initial Kh-29’s were purchased, which was intended to replace the underperforming JH-7A, which was given the same fire control computer that Russia began using. Do the Su-30MKK and the JH-7A have the same computer? I’m not sure, but the technology certainly existed, and it’s not really a stretch to assume the JH-7A could utilize them.

Lastly, the source I listed is an archived copy of the public brief written for the USCC (United States–China Economic and Security Review Commission). I think the document is strong enough to lean on. I don’t envy the devs, this is a difficult decision to make, but I think the right one is likely just to add it as the assets are already in game.


Repost because I was replying to the wrong person.

It should, absolutely. We’re kind of just waiting for everyone not Western or Israeli to get a targeting pod (Su-39 doesn’t count).

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Lol, my country has two vehicles, both produced by Britain and sent to my country. None of my domestic vehicles are here

Not so surprising as being from a place that was a fairly sizeable arms producer in both aircraft and ground vehicles.

I feel bad for people from Belgium, Brazil, Iran, Yugoslavia.
Used to feel bad for Indians too but they just received two vehicles in quick succession, so eh.
I guess that perhaps it is better to have no vehicles in the game than having said vehicles be placed in a wrong location, but that’s probably just copium from my behalf.

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yeah thats probaly the best will get, besides the pic ofc, combined it should be sufficient, but the devs have already acknowledged the reports for the Kh-29 and KD-88 so i think now it just comes down too if a decision gets made before the update.

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Which ones do you mean btw?
I assume Bob Semple and Schofield tanks?

*edit: I am misinterpreting things very wrongly and should go to bed

Ahaha, yes, I was talking about the ones in game, the Strikemaster and the Leander

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Leander isn’t a boat its a steam engine ! :P

We don’t have F-16 tho :/

We got F-18s, though!

Spanish F-22 Raptor to France?

Spanish F-22? Aren’t F-22s only used by the US?

Appreciate your help man

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F-22A yes. I know of only one thing, they wanted to sell F-22 fighter jets to Japan F-35 A-version Block 3 or 4 electronic and on-board computer system plus its source code, for example the local Mitsubishi AAM-5 and Mitsubishi AAM-4 they can integrate it.
In the 2000s, Japan and Israel inquired about it, but the plane was embargoed. Currently, it does not have as many airmen as it did 20 years ago.

There are some pic of Spanish tested F-16 in spanish colours



They have a CASA C-101 Aviojet trainer and are now developing a new trainer.