Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 2)

Polish migs still use r73 and r27. There was a proposed upgrade to let them use aim9x but that never happened and they bought more f16c instead.

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Never mind thought they did upgrade them to use them

no point adding the 200 with no bvr tho.

Prehaps, just thinking of aircraft to stick in the 10.7 hole we have at the moment. Its a balancing act between performance and BR and whether its worth sacrificing some capabilities for a more reasonable BR…

Its worth thinking about if nothing else

Praying the gripen will have tracers lmao

We got the 100 for that.


BK27 on the tornados have, so probably I guess.

Good, Dont get me wrong, aiming with no tracers is easy enough if you are good at aiming but it would be much easier.

That and the Polish MiG-29s were bought off Germany.

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Has someone suggested this in the suggestion sections? Also, which nation used this or at least prompted development of it?

Actually, we already see it in the game… MiG29A (9.12) or MiG29G, they are same plane. Since German give their MiG29G to Poland.

If not use the gun radar

Poland bought MiG-29A 9.12As off Germany, not MiG-29Gs.

Those are the same planes, only with NATO spec IFF and radio, English cockpit labels and some other small bits (like the red collision lights).

Germany converted ALL 29As and 29UBs it inherited to the 29G / GT standard


The French AMX-10P should not appear as an AA, but IFV, France is now desperately lacking IFV, and it is ridiculous that AMX-10P is added as AA, he should get DM63 APDS, and add MILAN 2 ATGM, move to the LT line, the French player needs an IFV to solve the urgent need


Yup, thx for your explanation m8

So they aren’t the same.

Ofc they are same, can you tell me how Nato IFF and Radio work in the game?? Nothing different between west and east. If you want MiG29 Polish thats mean you adding another MiG29A 9.12 / MiG29G into the game.

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Any hidden vehicles in the dev server?

Poland uses the MiG-29A 9.12A, not the MiG-29G. I never said that I was talking about in game. NATO IFF, radio, and GPS do indeed make a difference.