Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

The devblogs aren’t finished, mate.

at 500m range, MGM-166 was 50m/s faster than M829A3 which has a wikipedia penetration of 800mm.

Bigger dart + a little faster. I doubt it would be introduced like this, but on the higher range of guesstimation it may reach 1m of pen.

Tiger 1:

I really do hope you re joking. You know there sure is a way to play Japanese heavy tanks. But you will need to install a certain game with imaginary tanks.

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I don’t even think the oi made it past wooden mockup. Why should it be added when the coelian was removed for having a wooden mockup turret?

The O-I will never be added.

And since the leaks for this event have been correct so far, the last prize will be the Ki-48 with the Ki-148 which is the special weapon the event is named after.

Yea ik xd

But here Tokushu Heiki: Ki-48-II Otsu & Ki-148 Missile


Ngl this should of been in the battle pass

And how does it being rank VII mean it will be at least 10.0?

Already forgetting that we have rank VIIs at as low as 9.3?

EDIT: the Khrizantema is 9.7 so the LOSAT will be fine at 9.3-9.7 as well.

Fantastic, all we need is a TT variant and we’ll have completed the JPN twin-engine bomber collection planned all the way back in 2014 !

( [Development]Future of the Japanese aviation in War Thunder - News - War Thunder )


When are you guys going to include the best fighter aircraft in the world, the F15 Eagle C/D/E? This would be sooooo sweet!

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depends on distance. More distance means more penetration

I’m kinda dissapointed to be honest. The only TT plane Japan has gotten in over 3 years was the F-16. Before that the battlepass A6M5C as a battlepass plane with 2 CAS zero options.
I was the Ki–48 with the guided bomb was a TT plane so that we would have some actual CAS.
But its a nice event vehicle, i will surely get it!


Oh yes!! I want this man! But why we can’t get MXY7(?) Oxa. That is true guided bomb.

Nice! Definitely getting this. Been waiting for Japanese ww2 guided stuff for a long time.

Luckily there is more WW2 guided weapons stuff that could be added to the TT for other Japanese aircraft

Maybe we will see it in next few years on another event. Bruh, it took them… 9 years to add Ki-48 itself. This missle should have been added even before Nords and Bullpups were introduced

True…tho Ki-148 can also be added to the in game Ki-102 but they probably won’t.



Cool additions for the event. Good to see unique vehicles! Though Shoutout to Britian for getting nothing again :)

Thinking out loud here.

So with me finding out that Hungary used the PLZ P.11c,

And then the Gripen C.

Could these be the reason why we not gotten the Hungarian air line on launch ?
I mean with my Poland theory and now this it does make a lot of sense.