Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

depends on distance. More distance means more penetration

I’m kinda dissapointed to be honest. The only TT plane Japan has gotten in over 3 years was the F-16. Before that the battlepass A6M5C as a battlepass plane with 2 CAS zero options.
I was the Ki–48 with the guided bomb was a TT plane so that we would have some actual CAS.
But its a nice event vehicle, i will surely get it!


Oh yes!! I want this man! But why we can’t get MXY7(?) Oxa. That is true guided bomb.

Nice! Definitely getting this. Been waiting for Japanese ww2 guided stuff for a long time.

Luckily there is more WW2 guided weapons stuff that could be added to the TT for other Japanese aircraft

Maybe we will see it in next few years on another event. Bruh, it took them… 9 years to add Ki-48 itself. This missle should have been added even before Nords and Bullpups were introduced

True…tho Ki-148 can also be added to the in game Ki-102 but they probably won’t.



Cool additions for the event. Good to see unique vehicles! Though Shoutout to Britian for getting nothing again :)

Thinking out loud here.

So with me finding out that Hungary used the PLZ P.11c,

And then the Gripen C.

Could these be the reason why we not gotten the Hungarian air line on launch ?
I mean with my Poland theory and now this it does make a lot of sense.


We got the HMS Renown, thats our one addition per 6 months quota fullfilled.

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Huge missed opportunity for the Hungarian Air Force to write HUNGAF instead of HUNAF on their planes. Would’ve been a power move for sure.

But yeah I wouldn’t be surprised. Gaijin has said that before the end of the year, we will have a Gripen C but also a “top tier british fighter”. Which can only be like…a few aircraft, all of which are advanced as the Gripen


Probably will be and I still have mixed feelings about it… Its probably going to be good, but would be such a shame if thats all they can give us after a year of DOAs and C&Ps is to get another C&P

Me, who doesn’t play ships:

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Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a SA Gripen.

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SAAF Gripen would be cool, but it’d be breaking the air TTs trend of being pretty much exclusively british design.
My bets are on: Eurofighter DA.2, CF-18, BAe Hawk 200, Sea Harrier FA.2, Tornado CSP, or outright just Eurofighter with limited weapons

I do a bit, but even I just cant use the Renown, its 1 shotted by light cruisers. they did their usual thing to British vehicles. Its got the wrong draft so its easier to one shot, 15 inch guns have got a massive nerf to reduce their accuracy, and is overall, over-BRed. Such a shame, could be a fun ship

Fun and British in WT are like polar opposites of a magnet lmao

FA.2 is almost certain at this point with the FRS1 work done over the past year. The question is, will it ONLY be the FA.2 or will we get some with better performance like the DA2. I think… maybe, Germany certianly needs something more than a Phantom and I dont think Italy would be complaining too much either

A lot of people have been asking for SA planes and Heli’s and it would allow them to give three nations a new top tier jet.