Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

im not asking for a reduction, im guessing this wont be at ags range cause reasons.

It will most likely be at least 10.0 as it is a rank 7 in the devblog. Deal with it.

LOSAT is absolutely nuts. “After launch, the MGM-166A rapidly accelerated to 1500 m/s (5000 fps) and reached maximum range in less than 5 seconds”

17 Megajoules of energy on impact at optimal range, capable go cleaving straight through a T-72 frontally and exiting the rear as far as testing claims.


why are you acting this salty mate? im just sayin that this is a glorified FV102 Striker and you are getting offended lmao

How am I salty? I’m just telling u to stop crying before we have more info lmao

so how much pen does it get?

if it overmatched a t72 imagine what itd do to a ship

exactly this kind of behaviour is why you are salty. no need to offend others just because you cant accept that this veichle has evident criticalities that may very well lead at poor performances

The event literally has a japanese name

You mistake MiG-29M (9-15) first flight 1986
MiG-29K (9-31) first flight 1988.
you’re confusing MiG-29M ( 9-15 ) and MiG-29M2 (9-61)

I have the thing, I know it

But we don’t even know that yet. Jesus Christ pls stop crying and just wait till we can test drive it.

wow now we fighting over tank missiles

Missiles really are this topics Menace

I don’t think anything is public regarding actual testing, but I would imagine nearing 900mm. This program was running until 2004. If they just took an existing APFSDS from a M829A2 and upped the speed you’d be looking at that. I suspect due to the extra space available it was likely a larger dart

yk since its a rocket powered thing you can have a much longer dart which would give it a fair amount if extra weight at the same diameter which would increase penetration at the same velocity

on the speed I don’t know how it would compare to normal APFSDS, those get quite fast already

when the event ends and all the paywall one death players try it it gon be fun to play CQB maps for once

Ok now this is turning into a toxic argument like what I said above

it’s the missiles man im telling you

Yeah of course not. Every one deserves a voice here.

Oh wait… lmao

Alright then :D

ohno the infamous AiM-420

PHAHAHA! Just as i said and as was leaked! Bravo Gaijin, Japanese event without any valuable japanese reward and the best rewards is US one. Bravo! Just Bravo!