Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

Its pretty atmospheric in the overcast matches, really nice. Just needs some rain now.

They can tone it down for clear matches, but I wouldn’t get rid of the current one entirely.


I would really love to have a few spots of rain here and there acting as 5 minutes showers.
With others poping up here and there.

That would really make dogfighting more interesting.


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didnt they just now? todays fix?


Did they remove rain from ground matches? Feels like I haven’t seen it in ages. Could just be my bad memory though.

They’ve already made an update to fix that

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I’m gonna cooom

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wait there was someone that leaked the thing a bit ago

besides that what and why is this thing?

Seems like it yea which just makes matches really boring imho.

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kinetic Warhead huh?

now does this mean they will or have fixed the Kinetic warhead on that one french Unguided rocket?

Yeah another US prototype that will result in 20 historical reports and a 3 year waiting time to get fixes

Other than that Yak-38 returns SIIIIIIIUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

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What, no way. Interesting vehicle. But i asking that, WHY ALL INTERESTING VEHICLES ARE AT ENDLESS GRIND EVENTS???

why do you want Yak 38 to return?

Because it will motivate you to grind, therefore to play, therefore to keep matches populated and queue times short.

Now it’s time to get LOSAT on Humvee chassis as either TT tank destroyer or premium

im losing my mind this weird as heck tank when i have to do a work trip. i already lost the M8 im not going to lose this, it pairs so well with AGS in terms of sillyness

wait i guess it wont be able to fire on the move and has no vertical traverse, i hope this goes down in br

really bro

it cant be same BR as AGS, its going to get brutalized by everything, from IFV to Helis to planes. it carries a tank sized ammo rack on top of itself, it doesnt look like 10.0 material

It’s not even out yet. How are u already asking for BR reduction. LMAO.

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