Server Update 22.09.2023

  • The relative control mode for “Yaw axis for aimed weapons” and “Pitch axis for weapons aiming” control settings is set to off for standard control settings.
  • Wind settings for trees have been adjusted so that they look more natural.
  • By default, brightness and contrast have been added to the dynamic tone mapping setting for a vibrant picture.
  • The modern U.S. flag on stat card images has been corrected.
  • The progress of Steam achievements is now displayed.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.


I hate to bring it to you guys, but the trees blowing in the wind still look terrible. They need a LOT more subtlety. Even strong winds don’t shake trees like a category 7.0 earthquake.


Let’s be honest here. It’s evident that the trees are broken and an absolute fail. Better remove this feature and start all over again…


The idea of trees moving is very good, but it’s totally “broken”

The trees are best left motion less. When I saw the trees after the update I laughed my head off. If this update was supposed to be an improvement then obviously they don’t have a clue what there doing . Nobody is going to care if trees move so don’t waste time messing about with them and making them move in a now ridiculous way.

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Obviously you care ALOT to complain about it.

i give up on bug reporting !
i bug report this twice and still getting ignored and no updates
and other bug report for armor on tiger II and object 279 still no updates and ignored.
it’s very awful experience i think I’m done reporting bugs.
my attention is to improve the game and help to fix it but their is no point.

Hi, Im sorry for your experience but there is a high volume of reports and some go under the radar :)
If your report goes untouched for several weeks please contact me or any other tech mod (see who is who).

  1. This is a common issue with all P-38s, I will forward it but this is common to every plane…
  2. In Obj 279 report you need to add the title of the sources, cover and full page. Also you cant measure armour with dm23.
  3. Websites are not valid, you need to provide valid sources about the turret angle. I will forward the UFP angle as it was reported before with good sources.

Please check knowledgebase: Knowledge Base - War Thunder Wiki


hi thanks for the reply!

about tiger II turrets
i will do the same am trying to find book or good source !

i made another bug report about 38 cm Sturmmorse
i added every info needed and sources for the 38 cm Sturmmorse !

best wishes.