Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

The weimar flag got added for ships to equip. It’s the new system

yeah sure for weimar but what about these nations

Aaaaaaand the topic is already being abused as a public message board lmao. Missile discussion incoming.

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Britain too, almost totally forgotten last update, I think we are going to need Typhoon next update to even slightly remain competitve now they’ve added 12.3s with Aim-9M

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didn’t find them under ship-flags. Maybe they will come later or they really could add vehicles from these nations

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Don’t worry. When rank VIII ground comes either this update or the next we can have the good old APFSDS and composite/armor discussions back, those usually last a good while.

And who knows, we might finally get another classified tank document leak. I mean it’s only been aircraft leaks as of recently.


so uh, the tunguska now fires kornet missiles somehow lmfao
shame they dont do any damage ro anything
le classique gaijin spaghetti code

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@Smin1080p does this mean the mobile assistant or the game

its amraam time

what do you mean

Hope Gaijin give some love for British in the next update.

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More information on this one will be provided when it gets added, but it should be WT Mobile (the game).


Britain and Sweden for sure

not yet, not yet

guys when i launch the game after the update after a few seconde of loading is crashing wtf

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holy moly

hotfix probably incoming

ah so the Block50/SMT grind has begun

take it out for a test drive, youll see