Kfir Canard needs a BR change

Kfir Canard is constantly being uptiered and with the new 12.7 update it tends to only get matched with literally F4s (unlike before where you could have the slightest minuscule chance of surviving 3 minutes). Kfir has no place in a match where F4s’ are present, not debatable by any means.

You got two solutions, you put F4s at 11.7 (12.0) or you lower Kfir’s BR to at least 10.3 (more like 10.0). Kfir has basically no radar, guns are shit and the missiles are total garbage and glitched. I can only use Kfir as a bomber but not even then im successful its literally trash.

I won’t care about any “speed” comments, the “speed” can’t outrun AIM7Fs (lmao unbelievable right?).

Kfir already beats Phantoms to bases to bomb lol. It would literally shit on any 9.3 and even 10.3 planes.


So you want that thing to be at the same BR (or even below it) as Su-17M2 ?
That’s a hilariously bad take mate.


Pulse doppalar radar f4s or the ones without pdr? ADTW and the ej were god awful before the changes, and now are actually able to play

You must be playing wrong the kifir got me the entire tech tree and the guns worked better then the aam so its br is fine

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and so the BR of F4s needs to be raised

Kfir Canard is one of best premium jets if you use it as figher.


As a constant Kfir player I have a solution!
Git gud.

It already massively over preforms at its battle rating. Just stay low and fast and there shouldn’t be a problem. Just be glad this C.1 doesn’t wing rip like its older brothers the C.2 & C.7. If it went down in BR it would destroy everything constantly. Fighting it in 10.3 planes is already a pain. 10.7 is a wonderful battle rating and the plane fits perfectly here with other 10.7 planes.


then why do F4s players get to rip us all but I can’t? give me aim9x



Skill issue


Kfir is only rough when it’s at 12.0, at 11.3 it will never see 12.7. If you think that’s rough wait until Netz when you have crap python 3 as your top missile at 12.3

I have a friend who owns this premium, he has ground out most of the Israel air tree with little to no complaints. I’d figure “skill issue” but I hate to be one of those people.

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You’re a faster, less maneuverable J-35XS… With 1/3 the firepower.

You have an incredibly low fuel count, and seeing as you need high altitude to perform best… The Phantom had everything needed to counter you.

The guns are great, as well as the ammo pool (being a Mirage 5). The 9Gs have very nice range for an IR missile, and radar makes no difference whatsoever when you get 2 IR missiles.

Get better mate.

It absolutely can. The same way my Shenyang F5 can outrun AIM-9Ls, and I can barely hit 1000km/h in a straight.

If you think the ammo pool and guns are great, than you must think all other NATO aircraft are extremely overpowered.

2 Missiles are completely useless. Missiles are very overrated in this game right now at this area, because anyone with 2 IQ can flare a missile. A single F5C could flare off 20 Aim 9G’s

You also misread his complaint about radar. The fact that is has no radar or any missile to use with it if it had one mean is their justification for lower BR.

Basically impossible when fired from a proper platform. An A10A flying at 300kph while carrying 80% bombs after a 180 turn does not count.

Man what is with the community and GARBAGE ideas lately?


No F_4 in game is currently meta


No, I just prefer heavy-hitting 30mms. I personally hate the Vulcan, and the GAU-22 has to be one of my favorites.

You seem to speak as if you’ve never fired a missile on an unsuspecting target before.

Do you just senselessly press the launch button when you see an enemy?

Its lack of use of a radar or radar missiles makes no difference in its BR, as it was designed to be a capable close-in fighter.

I don’t seem to see anything but those at 9.3.


The F-4E would like a chat

Your whole argument is based around fighting people who are extremely bad and clueless. That has nothing to do with the plane you are in. The only people you kill are bots than, and still don’t even break 2.0. Amazin’

Completely irrelevant reply. Do you understand what you are even reading.

Still has nothing to do with out running an AIM 9L.