KF41: The Majestic Lynx

The KF41 is a cutting-edge IFV design developed by Rheinmetall in the mid 2010s in order to provide potential operators with a well protected combat vehicle. Soon, the KF41 will make its debut in War Thunder as part of the upcoming “Sons of Attila” major update!

Briefly: The KF41 is one of Rheinmetall’s most innovative tracked combat vehicles and is currently in service with the Hungarian Armed Forces.

KF41, light tank, Italy, rank VII


  • Deadly 30mm autocannon.
  • Spike-LR ATGMs.
  • Superb mobility.
  • Active protection system.

Rheinmetall initiated the development of the KF series of combat vehicles to fill a noticeable gap in the market for tracked vehicles. The company aimed to create a design versatile enough to outperform direct competitors while still being able to efficiently carry out peacetime operations.

The vehicle was first unveiled in its lighter KF31 configuration in June 2016 at the Eurosatory exhibition. This debut was soon followed by the heavier KF41 variant, unveiled at the same event in 2018. By 2020, Rheinmetall had entered negotiations with several potential operators, including Australia, the Czech Republic, and the United States. Hungary became the KF41's first official operator in September of that year, placing an order for 218 vehicles.

First, we’d like to let you know that we plan to introduce the KF41 in the upcoming “Sons of Attila” major update for Hungary as they are the first (and currently only) operator of the vehicle. Its addition to the Hungarian line does not entirely rule out its future addition to the game in other forms, but for the Sons of Attilla update there are no plans to introduce a KF41 for Germany. The version coming to the game is the unique serial production for Hungary specifically. Germany still has a lot of potential vehicles left to add, with the possibility of some KF variants down the line. The main reason for its introduction this update is to be the main top of the line vehicle for the Hungarian subtree, as it's a unique production vehicle for them. The PUMA variant with Spikes is not the current model we have in game, and is again something that's possible in the future for Germany.

Download Wallpaper:

The KF41 comes equipped with a 30 mm MK 30-2/ABM autocannon, which some tank commanders may already recognize from the German Puma IFV. Infamous for its deadly ballistics and steady rate of fire, the MK 30-2 is a versatile weapon, capable of punching through enemy MBTs at close to medium distances but also downing hostile aircraft with the right ammunition loaded. Apart from the autocannon, the KF41 is also fitted with a Spike-LR missile launcher. As a result of the missile armament, the KF41’s anti-tank capabilities are boosted even further, being able to knock out even heavily armored opponents at long engagement distances with its tandem warhead ATGMs. Rounding off the KF41’s arsenal is a pair of machine guns, mounted coaxially as well as one mounted in a remote-controlled turret on the roof.

While heavily armed, the KF41 still retains signature characteristics of an IFV. Mobility is impressive, being able to reach speeds of 75 km/h under ideal conditions. Additionally, with a high power-to-weight ratio the KF41 can not only accelerate very quickly, but it can also navigate treacherous terrain with ease. As a result, commanders can easily perform flanking maneuvers or relocate at a moment’s notice if ground is being lost to the enemy.

Despite being an IFV, the KF41 features some serious protection which most of its opponents should pay close attention to. While the steel armor itself may only suffice for stopping autocannons and shrapnel from damaging the vehicle, its additional Rheinmetall ADS active protection system can effectively destroy incoming missiles. This coupled with the vehicle’s excellent additional features which include RWR and high quality thermal vision, significantly increase the odds of the KF41 surviving an attack which wasn’t initiated by itself.

The KF41 is arriving to War Thunder in the upcoming “Sons of Attila” major update and will become the crowning jewel of the upcoming Hungarian ground forces subtree. In the meantime, make sure to stay tuned to the news so you don’t miss out on the latest developments for the upcoming major update. Until then, happy hunting tankers!

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VRCC Centauro Pack
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Is it still only going to have 2 Spike missiles available?


hard cope for the german mains. It’s a hungarian vehicle developed by germany but produced in hungary. And germany never used any of them so it goes with hungary. Payback for the hunter i guess since they weren’t complaining that it should go to britain instead of germany and were very happy to get (yet) another broken vehicle they have no right to have.


I’m so glad that potential is properly utilized. Lmao…


This tank must be changed to 10.0 because it is in 10.7 BR very bad, It does not have armor like an Puma and two spike missiles if the target is moving or disappears behind a tree, for example, or some grass The rocket explodes in the air It is fast but large in size and full of ammunition in the tower, which makes it explode in one hit very easily

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  1. Absolutely no one asked for the hunter, so blaming the players for it is just laughable.

  2. Challenger 2E was never used ny britain, 2S38 isn’t even finished yet, the damn Leo2PSO isn’t even used by germany, vickers mk7 had a single tank built and the list goes on.

That argument will never hold any water in this game.

  1. How the hell you missed literally everyone complaining about the hunter??

Leopard 2A6 in Sweden moment 🤡

How to add German technology to other research branches, so we are happy. And how to add it to the German research branch, like: “Oh, sorry, this is an export model, it is unique, but not for Germany, we will add something in 3 years”

While the company must:

  1. Equivalent to Strv 122A
  2. KF-41
  3. 2S1 Gvozdika

This is excellent.
I will be patient in seeing non-Hungarian KF platform vehicles in the future for Germany as well.


I was wondering the same thing. Cuz the spikes in-game look like they are the exact same as on the freccia (MR) despite the different designation (LR). They are not exactly amazing and quite situational

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  1. yet german mains didn’t advocate for it to go to britain and not germany, so i’m just pointing out their hypocrisy.

  2. E is still produced by britain, unlike the kf41. Same for the pso that is still an upgraded german produced vehicle. For the other 2, it’s not the point so they aren’t relevant here.

  3. of course players complained about the hunter, it’s the best version at the same br as the regular one and germany had no right to have it, just like with the sk105 and the vt1 (they never ever used but still have it for whatever reason).

that’s not what i said and the point revolve around the fact the vehicle isn’t destined to germany and even produced in another country. Just because kamov did help design the z10, should it go to the russian tech tree then (also i don’t remember the df105 being also in the french tt while half of it is french…)?

Following what i said, what should be removed would be the sk105, the vt1 missile from the flarak, the mi28a from sweden, the swiss hunter, etc.

10.7 is a bit too much, Freccia at 10.0 is already below average as Spike missiles are very situational and hard to use (to lock on target you should see at least 2/3 of it, while in most cases at top tier players try to hide their tank showing at most 1/3; you can’t control where the missile will hit, sometimes it causes situations when you send all your missiles to the target, but it still survives because every missile goes to exact same point (I remember situation when I shoot 6 missiles at T-80 100 m in front of me and it survived, but I was destroyed by another enemy)). In my opinion br should be 10.3 due to how Spike missiles work and their low amount. This will also allow to use Hungarian 2A4 with Kf41 without uptiering Leo.

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  1. Yes they did…

  2. KF41 is literally invented by german company that sold the build rights to other country.

“not the point so not relevant” damn i should just start to use this as my argument everywhere.

  1. Seriously why are you complaining to the players and not to gaijin? Players had fuckall to do with any of these decisions…
    Germany still has VT1, because it’s the only toptier spaa they have… You would just remove the only toptier missile from germany while gladly using the pantsir yourself i guess.

Didn’t know Objects were used by other countries in-service… oh wait.
KF-41 is in-service with a specific country while prototypes are not.

Sorry for my English, my point was that he mentioned that it wasn’t used bay Germany due to them choosing the Puma, bay that logic russia shouldn’t have all there objects due to them beaning demo vehicles. And not beaning chosen for production. It’s not like Germany doesn’t produce them like for example with Sweden and the MI24.

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The kf41 does not appear to have a spare missile. 30mm cannon, no unmanned turret. With this level of defense and firepower, how does it stay at 10.7br? Every time PUMA’s relief valve works, the kf41 will die under the same attack.

Except Objects weren’t put into production, so those are apples to oranges.
KF-41 is in production & service for Hungary.
Object 120 was never in production or service for any country, being a prototype.
KF platform prototypes that weren’t put into production or service can go to Germany.

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The advantage of two Spike missiles is largely offset by the disadvantage of turret defense. As happened during the demo, the Spike missile often failed to deal damage correctly. The br of 10.7 is too high.

Yea i know that the kf 41 is in produktion, and the object 120 for example wasn’t. That wasn’t the point.

Why not give Germany it’s on version. Preproduction or what ever they tested