Ka-52M 2023+

AH-60 is more busted rn

Are those standard iglas or did they start mounting newer variants?

Not sure, it’s like supposed to use any Russian manpad.

War Thunder is not ready for another Ka-52.
As of currently a pretty viable and effective tactic is to start with the Ka-50/Mi-28N(M) and S-8KO rockets, rack up a few kills and assits and then spawn in the Ka-52 with Vikhrs, powerfull thermal imager and all bells and whistels. With another Ka-52 that would be even easier.

Admittedly that happens not that often, but besides that no other nation except Britain to some extend has a suiting counter. Unless that’s the case, or unless existing helicopters get better weaponry that’s on par with Vikhrs, I’d rather not implement more Russian helicopters as they have enough for now.

at another date. Ka-52 is still one of if not the best helicopters in game right now.

UK and USA would probably have to get AH-64E at the same time. No clue what Germany would get tho

They’d tenatively be worse than what we have now. I dont think the British ones have any AAM at all. Unless they gave them F&F missile. Theyd be kinda pointless. If theyd didnt get F&F. Id rather take Wildcat for the UK

If they can make up the F16 for Japan they can add AAMs to UK AH-64E

True. But still rather take the WIldcat

Well thats a Guijin question

wtf is Guijin :D

Can we finally get the improved Vikhr variant? 800mm against 2A7Vs, Str 122Bs is just suffer. Especially after the HEAT nerfs it takes like half of your ATGMs to kill something

hit the roof

Same is true for all AGMs

so sad /s

Same goes for mostly helis btw…

but i like that :))))

Sure that’s it, I’ve seen a newer version with 360° sensors, and a dome for them on the back, and the optics moved above the pilot.

Like this, I’ll try to find the real photo of it.

Bad spelling on my end.

They were better before had they 1100 pen

I know that better than anyone but still, 800mm of pen is just not good enough it should get replaced with the newer Vikhr variant. Also Hellfire Ls should be added and FnF missiles get fixed in general because right now they are just awful. Helicopters are not even meta anymore and haven’t been since like the Mig-27K and Harrier Gr.7 not to mention how superior something like Grippen, Mirage 2000 or SM3 is to any helicopter.

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800mm is a made up number. It should be 1000mm for normal vikhrs, 1200mm for the newer variant. Idk if anyone has bug reported it yet <–Apparently not (?). But aim for roofs regardless even if it gets fixed