Ka-52M 2023+

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The Ka-52M which was introduced in 2023 is a minor upgrade of the current Ka-52 we have in game.

The new version announced by the Russian Ministry of Defense in 2018 eventually crystalized into the Ka-52M; 114 helicopters of this new version are to be acquired. Additionally, older Ka-52s are to be upgraded to Ka-52M standard. The contract for the first 30 Ka-52Ms was signed in August 2021. A new contract was signed in August 2022. Upgrades embodied in the Ka-52M include a modernized GOES-451M electro-optical targeting turret with an increased range, stronger undercarriage wheels, and improved cockpit ergonomics, with better adaptation to the use of night-vision goggles.The LMUR missile is added to the helicopter’s armament options. Several new radar types are being considered for the Ka-52M but it seems likely that the AESA radar is mounted in the nose. A new self-protection system will also be fitted to the Ka-52M, replacing the current L370-5 Vitebsk. Lastly, the Ka-52M is adapted to work within a new battlefield command and control system. The Russian military received its first 10 modified Ka-52M helicopters on 4 January 2023. The state defense order for the helicopters was doubled in 2023.



16 m

Length, without Rotors

13.53 m

Rotor Diameter

14.50 m


7.34 m


4.95 m

Weight, Empty

8,550 kg

Weight, Takeoff Normal

10,400 kg

Weight, Takeoff Maximum

12,500 kg

Disc Area

330.4 m sq

Payload Capacity

2,800 kg

Rotor Payload

37.80 kg/sq m

Power Payload

2.84 kg/hp


6 total (1 inner, 1 middle, 1 tip on each wing)

Pylons Maximum Load

2,000 kg




i love everyone insta clicking no cuz its russian xD


To be honest its not even a huge upgrade. But the LMUR is the only fire and forget missile for Russian helicopters


I voted “no” first and foremost because it’s a helicopter xD

The fact that it’s ALSO Russian is just an extra lmao

We really don’t need more of this in the game, ground Top Tier is already enough of a wreck with all the KA-50s, KA-52s, MI-28NMs, SU-39s, SU-39SM3s and alikes.


I think it would only be ok to enter game if the AH-64E was added as well.

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not because it’s russian but because the current 52 and 28 are cancerous enough.


If Apaches cant get their F&F missiles. Then Ka-52 shouldn’t either, especially as they have the superior AGM at the moment


like any fire and forget helis and they can be even more canerous in sim than any ka-52/50 mi28 in game lmao

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If Israeli AH-60 can get 16 spikes then I think its fair now


even if the added the AH64E it would not have fire and forget missiles until maybe a year after its the last man standing so there would be no need to add it.

Babe, new plane just dropped!

What F&F?

Fire and forget

No as in what F&F missiles are Apaches missing?

I did not even know the Apaches could equip F&F missiles

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Longbow Hellfires. (AGM-114L)

British ones could also get Brimstones

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Thanks nice to know.

I don’t see a huge issue with this one coming, I would like to see the prototype Ka-52s added.
For of the Ka-52M I do believe other nations should get their up to date variations of the AH-64 like the E model with brimstones and perhaps mavericks, if it were to get the Longbow Hellfires then add the Hermes-A to the Ka-52M.

In addition to LMUR, it can also carry Whirlwind-1 and URVV willow, ATGM Hermes and strange NAR blocks


This one, and the precursor KA-52, the first model variant, should be added, and folders with the KA-52.