K2NO Black Panther

this is the KAPS very easy to notice from other aps


I have, the “Danish” trial Leopard 2A7 w/APS was in fact a KMW owned Leopard 2 PSO-VT modified to look like a Leopard 2A7A1 in its production configuration. In fact the book by Frank Lobitz (current Chief Manager of the Leopard 2 project for the Bundeswehr) even states that the vehicle only bears resemblence to the Danish 2A7DNK.

Here’s the same vehicle but without Trophy:

Here it is again, but now looking more like a 2A7V a few years earlier:

So, what were you talking about? If anything, that modified Leopard 2 would be in Germany’s TT, lol.

As a sidenote; those armour values you’ve presented are quite funny, I still recall how Jarosław Wolski leaked that K2s armour cannot even stop 3BM-60 & Kornet unless it’s uparmoured, and you’re putting it at the level of a 2A7V lmfao.

As i said, i havent read much about the danish leopard, and i got information from someone wich might be misunderstood. And no, i havent posted any armor stats on the leopard

If that Modified trial vehicle should be in germany, so should every other trial vehicle, and that is not few :p

Yea, that’s kind of the point. It’s a vehicle modified for Germany by KMW, so if it’s ever added like any other trial vehicle, it oughts to be in the TT that created it & trialed it.

and if its trialed, but not accepted. It should go to the creator if that nation is in war thunder and not to the nation that trialed it

And there goes the validity of this whole suggestion, the korean aps doesnt exist and the eurothropy was only mock ups

There is no new turret, according to the employee of the Hyundai Rotem in ADEX 2023, K2NO model on display is based on the prototype No. 1 vehicle in Hyundai Rotem’s own storage.

All equipment shown is for demonstration purposes only and is not intended to be operational.

These are all mockups.

Already exists in K2, unclear what you mean, but if you mean this mockup, it makes no sense.



As you can see the hull, it has six wheels. The six-wheeled hull wasn’t even developed, and it wasn’t going to be developed until Poland/Norway bought it.

Already exists in K2

This is the only thing that has changed in K2NO

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thank u very much

The N-WAV, revealed in 2023, has a slightly modified version of the KAPS. And I believe it is still planned for the K2 PIP.

For infomration Kongsberg Protector RWS RS4 can “cooperate/support” aps according to sources, will be like that on 2A8NOR.

That’s not KAPS, since KAPS was canceled, Hanwha Aerospace and Hyundai Rotem are each working on a new APS, and that is a mockup showing it.

That looks like Iron Fist

It originally started with the South Korean National Assembly. Based on South Korean military data, there was a controversy about the lack of protection against the Bulsae-5 (licensed Kornet) missile from North Korea. At the time, the Bulsae-5 was estimated to penetrate 1000-1200 mm.

3BM60 was not mentioned, because 3BM60 does not exist in the North Korean army.

Only reliable source is the National Assembly session minutes, mentions that K2 has 1.85x better armor than K1 tanks.

No, that’s a diffferent batch of apples. What I’m talking about is when Polish MilGuys publicly stated that the K2s in Polish service cannot meet (their Army’s) requirements without being uparmoured, and in turn, exceeding 60 tons that prevented the Leopard 2PL from being a full-blown 2A7.

He is right, Samyang Comtech is developing a new composite armor for this.

However, it is questionable what estimates were used for the 3BM59/60. in Korea they estimated that the 3BM59/60 penetrates 700-750mm.

Performance of BM-60 has been known for a couple of months by now (NiMi themselves showed it in public), so it’s very questionable that they estimated such a high performance (16 - 25% higher perforation than the actual 3BM-60).

They may have assumed an extreme situation. Anyway, OP’s protection doesn’t make sense.

The only thing I’m sure of is that K2 has protecte K276.

Extra performance to accout for say, unforseen athmospheric conditions? Sure, it’s not like the temperature is always a perfect 21C, but lets not kid ourselves that they assumed a 25% higher penetration than the standard.

The only thing I’m sure of is that K2 has protecte K276.

Doesn’t that thing perforate ~600mm RHA at 2km’s?


That’s a 3BM-60 equivalent for the most part in that case, adding in the extra context, the Poles want(ed) an immunity to it, so ± the ~600mm is the ballistic limit of the current generation of K2s armour given its dimensional limitations. Transcribing that into WT’s model of flat perforation - > flat protection, this would put K2s KE levels at ± ~550mm for the hull, slightly more for the turret.

Possibly. I only certain that K2 protected K276 in tests.



That’s more than likely a hit against the upper plate, which ended with “APFSDS shattering” (man, can’t wait for when the devs finally fix Leopard 2A7Vs upper plate! It’s only been 2 months since the report, I wonder why it’s taking them this long to make it do the same thing as Strv 122s upper plate…).