K2NO Black Panther

Yeah, if Korea is added either as an independant nation or sub-tree of course they should be the main focus there

I’d mostly agree with trial stuff being a bit of a weird area and shouldn’t really be added unless it’s deemed neccessary
Still not a fan of the T-80U that sweden got

Cool, go vote yes on that poll

Okay, point taken, simple and direct, no need for a whole argument with the poster as to why you voted no and why everyone else should feel the same
The reason why he didn’t include Korea is probably because it’s the tank specifically meant for Norwegian trials, with probably a Norwegian camo and whatever changes
Obviously if SK is added to the game, the tank would be added for them with their variants with their own camo + possibly export stuff

There’s the normal K2
The XK2 which is the prototype
The K2 PIP which is even better with more armor and potential for KAPS (Hard-APS)
The Altay MBT used by Turkey is a redesigned K2 export variant which could probably be added as a premium depending on if Turkey is ever added to the game
K2PL, modified variant compared to the original K2 used by the Polish
K2M which was an export intended for potential middle eastern customers with some armor changes + lacking a LWS

K2NO which we are currently discussing has add-on ERA, 12.7mm CROWS, Trophy APS, add-on composite armor, And heating devices too handle Scandinavian climate
These are not standard on both the normal K2 and neither the K2 PIP so even of south Korea was to be added to the game, this would mostly likely be a premium or event vehicle rather than a research

If you remained calm and civil about it, it would be fine but when you say something like:

because you don’t like or agree with what he said, it’s a different matter


The korean tree will of course get their own oringinal K2 Black panther

It’s never made. Why do I have to continuously saying this. K2NO with Trophy is based on ROKA K2 production type, and what seems like Original K2 is actually XK2 which was in Rotem’s storage(they were always use as mockup/prototype for further modifcation project)

NO ever K2 with new turret structure or hull structure is made under Norwegian requirement. Leopard 2A7NO was selected ahead of any K2 discussed to construct in such structure.

Besides, I personally believed Sweden should not get Norwegian/Dannish MBT anymore. They have enough of that. All K2 series should be under Korean tech tree or never be in the game.

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yeah give it up, that guys head is thicker then anything else, even if you show him the literal prove

He was made suggestion mod in January the 26th this year
Both posts were added added July 23rd 2023
Unless i’m missing something, i don’t think he approved of them himself

fair enough about that then, still doesnt change that the suggestion are faulty to the core and havent been checked right

Two K2NOs, one with trophy and one without.

KAPS had issues with interference with the soft kill system, and Hyundai Rotem offered a ready-to-use option - the Trophy system - rather than telling the Norwegians to wait for the Koreans to improve KAPS, promising to deliver as quickly as possible.

How can they sell a system that isn’t even complete? K2NO with KAPS didn’t exist and couldn’t exist.

As with other countries’ export cases, quick delivery was a key strength of Hyundai Rotem’s offering.

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K2NO did not have KAPS K2NO had TROPHY :)
Norway had two variants of the k2 during the trials, the modified K2NO and the unmodified K2, and the k2 has kaps aps

K2 with kaps aps

Hey, off side a little bit, from this image, what is the name of this APS that K2 will or may used or it just a prototype.



It didn’t have APS.


As I said before, this is how K2 with KAPS ‘should’ look like. Additional radar on front side of the turret and countermeasure launcher on rear side of turret replacing storage cabin.

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It just called ‘KAPS’(Korean Active Protection System) at the development, and development halted 10 years ago. APS itself finished testing, but ROKA didn’t want to test it mounted with vehicle because they believe APS will hurt infantry near armored vehicle.


The ones i have seen read about is equipped KAPS aps system ;) and also the k2nk wkth trophy.

Then what you’ve read is VERY wrong. Try find another source. Especially koreans.

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The sources i rind information from are the trustworthy ones, so it’s valid, not using wikipedia or fandom :)

You seem valid, indeed not

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this is the KAPS very easy to notice from other aps


I have, the “Danish” trial Leopard 2A7 w/APS was in fact a KMW owned Leopard 2 PSO-VT modified to look like a Leopard 2A7A1 in its production configuration. In fact the book by Frank Lobitz (current Chief Manager of the Leopard 2 project for the Bundeswehr) even states that the vehicle only bears resemblence to the Danish 2A7DNK.

Here’s the same vehicle but without Trophy:

Here it is again, but now looking more like a 2A7V a few years earlier:

So, what were you talking about? If anything, that modified Leopard 2 would be in Germany’s TT, lol.

As a sidenote; those armour values you’ve presented are quite funny, I still recall how Jarosław Wolski leaked that K2s armour cannot even stop 3BM-60 & Kornet unless it’s uparmoured, and you’re putting it at the level of a 2A7V lmfao.

As i said, i havent read much about the danish leopard, and i got information from someone wich might be misunderstood. And no, i havent posted any armor stats on the leopard

If that Modified trial vehicle should be in germany, so should every other trial vehicle, and that is not few :p

Yea, that’s kind of the point. It’s a vehicle modified for Germany by KMW, so if it’s ever added like any other trial vehicle, it oughts to be in the TT that created it & trialed it.

and if its trialed, but not accepted. It should go to the creator if that nation is in war thunder and not to the nation that trialed it