K2NO Black Panther

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(This picture is not the exact K2NO but it was a picture showing the tank very nicely)


  • 1x Hyundai CN08 120mm
    • Effective firing range: Up to 8000m with autonomous sensor-controlled Korean Smart Top-Attack Munition (KSTAM)
    • Ammunition: 40 rounds
    • Autoloader
    • 10 rounds per minute
    • 1rst stowage 16 rounds
    • 2nd stowage 24 rounds
  • 1x 7.62mm coaxial machinegun
  • 1x Kongsberg Protector RWS 12.7x99mm remote controlled


  • Length: 10.7 m
  • Width: 3.6 m
  • Height: 2.4 m
  • Crew: 3
    • Vehicle commander
    • Driver
    • Gunner
  • Weight: Norwegian version 61.5t (original unmodified 56 ton)
  • Armour
    • Composite armor protection
    • ERA Explosive Reactive Armor blocks around the turret


  • Max speeds
    • 68 km/h on road
    • 50 km/h in terrain
  • Slope forward: 60 degrees
  • Side slope: 30 degrees
  • Ditch crossing: 3m
  • Vertical obstacle: 1.1m
  • Water depth: Up to 4.1m

An advanced fire-control system
Active protection system
NBC protection system
Day/Night vision
Thermal vision
Automatic fire suppression system
Hydraulic suspension

NORWEGIAN MODIFICATIONS (that i know of so far)

  • Trophy APS with radar antennas mounted on each side at the front of the turret
  • Kongsberg Protector RWS 12.7mm remote controlled
  • Composite armor protection
  • ERA Explosive Reactive Armor blocks around the turret
  • Better Heater

The K2 is a top-modern main battle tank designed, developed and manufactured in South-Korea by the company Hundai Rotem. This new tank would replace the M48 pattons wich has servd the South korean army for many years.

The Norwegian version of the K2NO, with a couple modifications and changes, arrived in Norway to participate in the trials, alongside the Leopard 2A7NO.

The latest aquired and upgraded Leopard 2A4NO’s are aging, and newer and more modern tanks have long been needed. ecpecially after we donated 8x of our Leopard 2A4NO’s along with other vehicles and equipment to Ukraine, to assist them in the Russian-Ukraine war.

two tanks have been undergoing trials in Norway for quite a while now, the K2NO Black panther and the Leopard 2A7NO. In February 2023 it was announced that Norway, despite an extremely large amount of disagreements and arguments would buy 54 new Leopard 2A7NO tanks with an option for 18 more tanks. The expected delivery time for these is in 2026. and the K2NO therefor seems to have lost the competetion. most likely because of the Leopards good reliability and the good access to parts. if they decide to bout a couple K2NO’s, we dont know yet, but i dont think it is unlikely that the one K2NO might?

M/1 and M/2 differ in the way that M/1 is equipped with the TROPHY APS and M/2 is equipped with the KAPS APS.






Kt mk2 — ImgBB



K2 Black Panther Main Battle Tank MBT data video fact sheet
Norges nye stridsvogn: Dette må du vite om Leopard 2A7 - Teknologi
Norsk Militærhistorisk Forening | Facebook

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-1 Sweden already has some of if not the best MBT’s at top tier, there is no good reason for this to be added, particularly since it would detract from other potential ground tree nations such as a polish or south korean line.


I doubt sweden got the best mtbs in their tree, there are many yet to be added. for example the Polish veriosn of this tank could be added to the german tree, then they got another powerful tank in their tree, and the original korean verison could be added to the tree it has the best connection with for now too, until a better solution wich i believe is a new techtree or subtree with south korea

but then, another good reason for why the Norwegian Danish tech tree would be a good option ;)

First, Norway would need to become a subtree and second, I see evaluated as an last resort when there’s nothing to add, unfortunately that isn’t the case for Sweden/nordic tree now and they could still receive the Norwegian Leopard 2A8 (2A7NO) which they actually selected.

That’s unlikely for now unless Poland becomes an subtree for Germany (which i doubt) and beside that Germany still has an wide variety of Leopards to choose from.

While true, it would at least improve the monotone nature of Swedens top tier MBT lineup

Which at 10.3 is 2 2A4. (If Norwegian subtree it would be 3)

And 11.7 is 3 2A5/6.

Presumably some future MBT lineup will mostly be 2A8.

Since the K2NO is notably different than the normal K2, doesn’t seem unreasonable to have alongside the other future potential MBTs

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Which they’ll never add
It took them 2.5 years to add a 2A5 with a 50cal on top


the Leopard 2A7NO verison was modified/designes specifically for the testing in norway, and therefor this vehicle will be able to be added as well. they Decided to go for the 2A8NOR with more modifications/upgrades in addition to the ones already on the 2A7.

and there is also an option for a new techtree with norway and denmark



1-3 vehicles before the news of a new polish subtree or techtree should be just fine i believe, like with the israeli vehicles

Norway has 2 different K2NO’s one with KAPS APS and the other with the TROPHY APS and some other changes

Still many Leopard 1’s to be added as well as Leopard 2’s. eventually they will recieve

Well adding both would be scraping the barrel far to hard given these were only custom trial vehicles

premium/squadron or event vehicle perhaps, since they do got unique modifications still :)

Nah. Unless there is notable unique factors to a vehicle i dont really see a reason to add it. Like yes Norway has multiple modernized Leopard 1 variants. But really 1 is all they should do as a subtree addition as they are all vaguely the game vehicle as the current Leopard 1A5NO in game (ignoring issues with the current represenation of the vehicle)

And honestly, they could not add the Norwegian Leopard 2A4 just because its litterally the same thing we have 2 off. If there is some notably unique variant of it, sure.

I assume the Korean APS and Trophy is vaguely similar in what they do

Can you give source that Korea sent Norway an K2 with KAPS. Because as a Korean I never heard of.

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I can find it later today, source and pictures, at work right now

Definitely required for BR 12.0+, as Sweden has no domestic options beyond 12.0, and only 1 for 12.0.

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After seeing you Sub-Tree suggestion, it would be perfect fit for Rank VIII main battle tanks. Definitely +1.

Is M designations official ? Just asking.

That makes no sense though especially since we got more foldering options. That being said, I do agree with you on K2 matter, it was mere trial vehicle adding one of them would be just enough.

No, that is just my ideq, but i will uodate it and name them kaps/trophy

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I just don’t perticularly like padding trees with vehicles that are basically the same. If there is some notable difference that would make a it a neat foldered option, sure.

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YES, we need a new BLACK vehicle for the Black friday sales!

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That’s a fair point, I just like to see nations/vehicles get as much representation as they can.