K2 Black Panther



  • 1x Hyundai CN08 L/55 120mm smoothbore cannon
    -Max effective range: 8.000 Meter with autonomous sensor-controlled Korean Smart Top-Attack
    -Reloading mechanism: Autoloader
    -Rounds per minute: up to 15 rounds per minute
    -Reload time: 4 Seconds
    -Total ammunition stowage: 40 rounds
    -1rst stowage turret autoloader: 16 rounds
    -2nd stowage hull: 24 rounds

  • 1x 12.7x99mm K6 Heavy machinegun
    -Ammunition capasity: 3.200 rounds

  • 1x 7.62x51mm coaxial machinegun
    -Ammunition capasity total: 12.000 Rounds
    -Placement: Gun mantlet beside the cannon

  • KAPS Active protection system
    -Mass: 3.5 kg (interceptor grenade)
    -Caliber: 100 mm (interceptor grenade)
    -Muzzle velocity: 120 m/s interceptor grenade
    -Effective firing range: 10 m to 15 m


  • K276 APFSDS
    -Muzzle velocity: 1700 M/S
    -Velocity drop:
    -Sub projectile lenght: 703.6 mm
    -Projectile material: Tungsten alloy
    -Prjocetile weight: 7.35 Kilogram
    -Propellant Type: K683
    -Propellant Weight: (Triple-base)
    -Chamber pressure: 586 MPa
    -Armor penetration RHAe: 700 Millimeter at 2.000 Meter
    -Armor penetration RHAe: 650Millimeter of penetration at 2.000 Meter

  • K279 APFSDS
    -Muzzle velocity: 1760 M/S
    -Velocity drop: 120 m/s (at 2000 m)
    -Sub projectile lenght: 761.6 mm
    -Projectile material: Tungsten alloy
    -Prjocetile weight: 8.27 Kilogram
    -Propellant Type: L15190
    -Propellant Weight: 8.6 kg SCDB
    -Armor penetration RHAe: 700 Millimeter at 2.000 Meter

  • -K279 APFSDS Improved
    -Muzzle velocity: 1800 M/S
    -Velocity drop: 122 m/s (at 2000 m)
    -Sub projectile lenght: 761.6 mm
    -Projectile material: Tungsten alloy
    -Prjocetile weight: 8.27 Kilogram
    -Propellant Type: 19 hole cylinder-type
    -Propellant Weight: 8.6 kg SCDB
    -Chamber pressure: 690 MPa
    -Armor penetration RHAe: Little more than 700 Millimeter at 2.000 Meter

  • K280 HEAT-MP
    -Muzzle velocity: 1400 M/S
    -Total weight shell + projectile: 23 Kilogram
    -Prjocetile weight: 11.38 Kilogram
    -Explosive filler: 2100 Gram
    -Explosive type: Composition B
    -Propellant Type: K684
    -Propellant Weight: Double Base
    -Fuze: proximity fuse
    -Trigger radius: 7 Meter (all targets)

Length: 10.7 m
Width: 3.6 m
Height: 2.4 m
Weight: 56 Metric Tons
Crew: 3x (Vehicle commander, Driver and Gunner)

Max speed on road: 70 km/h
Max speed off road: 50 km/h
Slope forward: 60 degrees
Side slope: 30 degrees
Ditch crossing: 3m
Vertical obstacle: 1.1m
Water depth: Up to 4.1m

Side armor: Ca. 50 Millimeter
Frontal armour: Ca. 650-850 Millimeter
Ca. 800–900mm RHA vs KE for turret
Ca. 1500–1600mm RHA vs HEAT for turret
Ca. 600–700mm RHA vs KE for hull
Ca. 1200–1400mm RHA vs HEAT for hull
Steel: POSCO MIL-12560H

-An advanced fire-control system
-Active protection system
-NBC protection system
-Day/Night vision
-Thermal vision
-Automatic fire suppression system
-Hydropneumatic suspension
-Munition (KSTAM)

-Better heater for the crew (Very likely, uncertain)
-Norwegian camouflage

The K2 is a top-modern main battle tank designed, developed and manufactured in South-Korea by the company Hundai Rotem. This new tank would replace the M48 pattons wich has servd the South korean army for many years.

The Norwegian version of the K2NO, with a couple modifications and changes, arrived in Norway to participate in the trials, alongside the Leopard 2A7NO.

The latest aquired and upgraded Leopard 2A4NO’s are aging, and newer and more modern tanks have long been needed. ecpecially after we donated 8x of our Leopard 2A4NO’s along with other vehicles and equipment to Ukraine, to assist them in the Russian-Ukraine war.

Not only did we have these two modified vehicles, but we hat two of each, wich should be a unmodified variant of them, this post is about the K2 Black panther wich has not recieved any other modification than Norwegian camouflage and a potential heater for the crew. This wagon is equipped the south korean KAPS aps system.

These tanks have been undergoing trials in Norway for quite a while now, the K2NO Black panther and the Leopard 2A7NO. In February 2023 it was announced that Norway, despite an extremely large amount of disagreements and arguments would buy 54 new Leopard 2A7NO tanks with an option for 18 more tanks. The expected delivery time for these is in 2026. and the K2NO therefor seems to have lost the competetion. Recently we were informend that Norway had decided to go for the Leopard 2A7NO and not the K2NO unfortunately, despite being more advanced, cheaper and even able to be delivered faster. And shortly after this it was announced that Norway were changing the order from Leopard 2A7NO to Leopard 2A8NO instead with further and more modern upgrades.

The difference between the two K2’s in the trials are that this presented model is the Norwegian modified verison with a new turret and various changes, this also has the Tropthy aps. while the other, has the original SOuth korean turret, with the Kaps aps, but has the Norwegian camouflage

In game
If this were to be implemented, there are two options. One is to add it to the Swedish techtree or in a new tree with Norway and Denmark combined

K2 Black Panther & Leopard 2A7 Competing






coming soon, issue with website



Norges nye stridsvogn: Dette må du vite om Leopard 2A7 - Teknologi
KAPS (countermeasure) - Wikipedia


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As you’ve made a different post for the K2NO, don’t really see a need for this one which appears too possibly be an inferior version with less drastic changes

I think this would fit more as a top tier premium for a possible Korean tree


One thing sure is that this doesn’t belongs to Sweden

Morelike Premium vehicle to Korea tree


How about adding it in a korean or polish tree, who actualy are using the vehicle. Stop with your damn trial stuff geez


KSTAM has been canceled. It was only planned in the prototype and is not used in the production model.
Autoloader has a 6 second reload time, not 4 seconds.
Hull ammo stores have 23 rounds, 1 round is stored in the turret.

K2 holds total 5000 12.7mm rounds.

KAPS has been canceled, those on the turret are MWR radars for missile detection.

K2 that went to Norway is the same as the South Korean Army specs, 55 tons is the correct weight

This is not considering the inner RHA structure, the correct thickness is 50mm of external composite + 35mm of internal RHA structure = 85mm.

Basically, the vehicles that went to Norway are the prototype vehicles that Hyundai Rotem has in storage. The vehicles that arrived in Norway do not have KAPS, and the mockup Trophy APS and Protector RCWS have been removed.


@굴러온 u will love this one, david confirmed pretty much everything you said about KAPS being canceled etc

Every correction should be valid for the K2NO as well then i guess

mock ups, i am loving this one lol

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Why a “Nordmark” tree ? The K2NO would be a great addition to Sweden

or not at all because its trialed and give it to korea instead

A lot of reasons, i explained some of them in the posts
A Norwegian, Danish & Icelandic techtree is possible, would in some cases be positive for sweden

M8 Sweden has trailed stuff it’s the only tree with trailed stuff.
Norway is not only Scandinavian but also Nordic.
They confirmed Scandinavian will be part of the Swedish tree as the same as Axis members in Italy

Could you point them out to me ?

yes, later today i am a bit busy at the moment :)

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Cheers just that Nordmark would just be on a totally new level of C&P.

I want to be proven wrong on this about the C&P but Norway makes a lot of sense since Norway was literally apart of Sweden just over 100 years ago

It is difficult to say that Hyundai Rotem provided a ‘new turret’ for the Norwegians in the context of the Norwegian army’s project to acquire new tanks.

Hyundai Rotem was aware that the Leopard 2A4NO, which was previously used by the Norwegians, still had influence. (bridge layer, maintenance parts, training, etc.) Therefore, it was necessary to offer Norway something beyond the ‘familiarity’ of the Leopard 2 family.

Korea’s two main weapons were technological cooperation and fast delivery, just as Korea did not only with Norway but with other countries (Finland, Estonia, Poland).

  • In Finnish case, it was the used K9 from the Korean military converted to K9A1 specifications, and was delivered without the Korean checklist sheet on the side of the chassis removed.
  • In Polish case, Korean government also changed the priority of the batch of K2 originally scheduled to be delivered to ROKA and delivered it to Poland first.

Designing and producing a new turret contradicts Korean’s selling point. For this reason, I find it difficult to trust the claim that the model I took to show the Norwegians had a ‘new turret’.

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It’s still in-use ;)

Nah, that should not be a problem, from Norway and Demark there is enough of unique self made vehickles and modified ones, but of course this tree like all the others will have its share of unmodded ones, but that should be no problem.

For the ground tree i have counted the vehicles and i have considered Self built and modified vehicles to be unique. The NDI tree would have ca 111 vehicles total with ca 87 of them being unique. among other things would be easyer to add trial vehicles

That was a Union, two separate states under one king, it started a short while the same year Norway got its constitution, by sweden invading norway, it lasted up to 1905, where a war almost broke out again, nothing exept the ealriest Naval vessels will be affected by this hehe

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Even so Czech & Polish tree would be a better choice for the next nation

there are many options, NDI, australia, canada, eastern european countires, poland, tjekkoslovakia… :)


Copied from the post lol

  • These 3 countries both have and has been closely connected to each other both in culture, history and location, for for several hundred years, even possibly over a thousand years and do therefore fit very well together, naturally
  • Sweden and Finland has better connection to each other, in addition there has been wars and conflicts between Sweden and these 3 countries
  • There are enough vehicles and unique vehicles for this tech tree to work
  • If we were to implement these vehicles in addition to the naval trees which are these 3 countries strongest side, with over 55 vessels in bluewater and over 220 in the coastal tree would not be as good, the grind would be huge and long, there would have to be excuded a lot of stuff which even are unique and well qualified for an implemention
  • There is still a lot of Swedish and Finnish stuff yet to be implemented, and when most of those are added, the Swe/Fin tree will have better filled lineups. The Swedish tree does not suffer much, even tough bigger lineups would be better, it will still manage perfectly fine without these 3 counties presence
  • There will be more for the players to choose from, and greater versatility
  • The matches would be more mixed
  • This will be an golden opportunity to include Iceland
  • There will be more possibilities in terms of vehicles to be added, modifications, historical relevance etc
  • Adding this tree would give the Swe/Fin tree more space for their own vehicles
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