K2 Black Panther GF - In Germany Tech tree

Sorry about the mess seems like people have strange view point and auto ties them to Politics for some reason

UK players liked the T-90? I’m sorry? (Heck you had the thread that every active UK player on the WT forums comment on it and it was all anti-T90 for UK)

I haven’t seen one UK player want India(If anything they are all more willing to hand them away), they want their domestic stuff and if that is not possible then they would rather have stuff from Canada and the ANZACs than India and ZA.


Hint, take it. Drop the off topic mumbo jumbo and get back on topic before i have to haul a proper mod in here.


Yeah, go for it, bring a “proper mod”, let them clean the topic of those whiners

Will do I’ve should of seen it a bait and will drop it now.

Best advice I can give you for the future is if you see something like this stop feeding it.

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Yep all I can say is I put my hand up and apologies more my part in this mess.

@TerikG2014 Though I still advice you to send a clean up crew in here

Nice thread, but we all know our stuff will end up in Italian, Swedish or French TT.

I mean sub nations are called nations for a reason.

Btw you might want to take a look at this

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What is exiting when everyone driving around in Leopard tanks?

I mean I would say stop exporting your tanks if you don’t want other nations to get them.

That all I can say really

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The whole world uses M1 and russian T tanks as well. M1 is still US exclusive and the relevant T models are not that much distributed as well.

Well tbh China will get it’s Abrams via Taiwan and I won’t mind if us Brits get the 1A2 that was advertised to us.

Romania is thinking of buying some so there a Squadron option for Italy there.

Sweden could get’s it’s Trailed one though they are seriously in hot water atm with being the fav.

And thus nations become mostly interexchangable.

The only thing I’m against is a soviet style garbage can tank designs being mixed with NATO tank designs in one tree, which already has happened.

You overestimate how exported M1 is.


hey @Pacifica can i bother you with a thread cleaning please?

Hopefully what? Poland won;t be sub tech tree for German, Leo2PL is present there because it is Leopard, not because it is Polish.


Its actually much easier to just lock it… too much damage done…