K2 Black Panther GF - In Germany Tech tree


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yeah, aint happening. I am joking about gathering all Panther tanks under 1 tree as well. But with that you pretty much take the rage of every person to you and they will say typical german mains claiming half europe for them. Even if that is either Sweden or the UK claiming the whole commonwealth

Wow someones salty i am saying uk/sweden are demsnding so many nations




No. No. No.


lol did german buy K2? i didnt know that XD


says the chinese main which literaly is mostly copy paste russian stuff lol


he gave it the polish flag, never said its german to be fair

is poland related with germans?
i cant understand the context of this idea

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some think germany would be the best place for poland to be placed in, if its not added as a standalone tree

man i do love it when some people say β€œwhy do shitaly players want the 2A7” and smth with stealing others tech and then come up with this

No real relations to germany should be added to either korean tree or polish tree

what do you mean? did anyone here in this thread even say that? italy should definitly get the hungarian 2a7hu. Once the 2a7hu has been fully seen in its armor package. Same with 2a8 etc, which they have ordered. Every user of a tank the country definitly should get it

I’m not Even against italy recieving the 2A7HU in fact that would be the Best and would make the devs fix the 2A7V issues faster, what germany needs rn it’s a new spaa or a light tank


From the lowest pits of hell: NO

yes but nobody brought this up in this thread, neither did that person claim anything here. Ignoring the guy being a completly nobody. You brought drama here that had absolutly no relations at all

That guy is just mentally derranged and does not represent German mains

hopefully not

yeah on second thought bad idea

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It could be a good place but still, there’s no reason to put Polish vehicles in Germans

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leopard 2 Pl, thats why some say its a posibility, when its just a case of a leopard being added to germany that currently doesnt have a place elsewhere. Same reason canadian leoaprds should go to germany and not UK

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Yeah well poland kept a Lot of relations with a Lot of German companies, so this might be a reason of why it is possible that a K2PL would come to germany but i would rather have a korean tech tree first for now