Just today, 5/6 of my 9.3 games were full uptiers to 10.3. Can a system be put in place to prevent full uptiers 90% of the time?

Its incredibly frustrating that due to premium spam, 9.3 - 10.3 might as well be 10.3. 11.3 - 12.3 has the same issue. Shouldn’t full uptiers not be the majority of your games. I do not believe for a second that 10.3 doesn’t have enough players. This lopsided matchmaking just cascades down, now 9.0 generally gets their own little bubble to farm 8.0. I’ve given up on a .7 BR spread, but can we at least have something to limit how many full uptiers we get?

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Do you mean 9.3?


Its because of all the 10.3 premiums, and the fact that only a certain number of players on each can be top tier in any one match (was it 5?), so they cant just make full games of 10.3 lineups to clear it out.

Stuff like this just happens at some BR ranges. Best you can do is learn where they are and avoid playing in them.

10.3 is less popular than 9.3, and 9.3 is far more popular than 8.3.
That’s why you get up-BR’d.


There are so many premiums at 10.0 and 10.3, + so many tech tree vehicles at that BR, that everything at 9.3 and 9.7 gets dragged up to 10.0 or 10.3.


This isn’t going to be fixed until Gaijin implements 12.7 for Ground.

They said they’re going to raise the max BR, now we just need to wait.

Uptiers should by hard coded into MM. You cant be full uptiered 90% of the time.
It should be balanced around player not around how popular is certain BR.
You should be able to get downtier no matter what BR you are playing. Every 5 games should be uptier protected.
Shity BR placements makes some tanks bad in their own br now to mention full uptier where they become useless.


gimme my 9.7 hard cap again


That’s why I just don’t bother much with that BR range, and on the occasions I do I just check out if I’m uptiered.

10.3 is less popular than 9.3, and 9.3 is far more popular than 8.3.
That’s why you get up-BR’d.

LOL, ok bud.

The F-5C, A-5C, A-10 and Su-25 are queued at rates which are multiple magnitudes greater than any 9.3 plane in Air RB. Much more during sale periods.

If that was truly the case then 10.3 would be almost exclusively uptiers.
The math doesn’t match your conjecture.

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Yeah. Only touch it if it’s a vehicle I especially like, such as the T-62M-1, BMP-3 or Kpz-70.

90% of the time is pretty good. My average quite often feels more like 99.99% of the time

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What? Why would a lot of 10.3 planes in queue result in more 10.3 – 11.3 games? I rarely if ever see 11.3 when flying 10/10.3.

3.7 and 4.0 is one of the most popular BRs in ARB and it doesn’t result in more 4.7/5.0 games.

Moreoever, it takes 30 seconds to glance at Thunderskill and see the sheer number of 10.3 aircraft played versus 9.3.

Kindly point me to a data point that shows 9.3 planes are more queued than 10.3 and I’ll walk away.

Cause there’s a 4 vehicle limit per side that can be the full BR.
Meaning 12 vehicles are below X BR.

Thunderskill is less than 2% of battles in a month, and is thus an anecdote when used to portray a narrative.
Oh, and <2% is a conservative estimate.
It could be lower than 0.5%.

Ok, show me any data point greater than 2% that aligns with your theory that 9.3 planes are more popular than 10.3.

This man is getting more uptiers than downtiers.
4 is 25% of the match. In order to have a 50:50 full downtier uptier statistic, your BR needs to be 25% of the population below you, and the BR above you needs to be 25% of your BRs population.
All searching for matches at the same time.

Welcome to games that have a hard limit on how many vehicles of a certain BR higher than you can be in the match.

Current half of 9.3s ruined JetRB matchmakers such as MiG19 and 104A so, should gets uptier permanently.

Thats fucking karma.

9.3 subsonics may gets lower BR in sooner or later but yeah… who knows?

No because you get frustrated and when you get frustrated by being defeat from better vehicles which are premium . It will take a certain time for you to accept the fact and will spend money to make yourself feel better . So no , you’ll get uptiered fully everytime . I play at 10.3 and all my games 99% are 11.3

BR spread should be 0.7 with the current match maker, or decompressed 30-33% through out. The performance difference I found in aircraft was just outclassing planes 1.0 below them for the most part.

This would also have an effect on causing people not to just auto quit the match at the start because they are frustrated. Probably a better solution to that stupid punish timer that really doesnt do anything for anyone who has 2 nation lineups or more.