Just today, 5/6 of my 9.3 games were full uptiers to 10.3. Can a system be put in place to prevent full uptiers 90% of the time?

I’d argue the fact that 9.3+ gets perma-uptiered to strong missiles and all aspect missiles is the reason the F-104 and MiG-19 are at criminally low BRs. On paper and in practice in a downtier they are absurd but they are always uptiered anyway.

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Again, what data point shows 9.3 is a more popular BR than 10.3? I’m still waiting for some tangible evidence to this point. I’ve shown evidence to my theory 10/10.3 is far more popular than 9.3, but it was dismissed as anecdotal (?). So present something better.

The way I’m seeing it, why threads like this continue to get made and why some of the top content creators lost their collective minds over the recent BR changes dropping the meta/major nation cold war jets versus bumping the broken 9.3s…is that a majority of planes in the 9.3 – 10.3 and 9.0 – 10.0 MM queue are NOT 9.0 or 9.3 but 10.0, thus sucking up all of the 9.0s to fill games.

We saw this time and time again with the Ju-288 nonsense, their popularity pulling everything at 5.0 up to fill games due to the sheer number in the MM queue. (We also see this during events with the Wyvern.) This eased within the last year or so when they decided to get rid of the weird 6v6 GE/Axis vs world MM lobby–but it was a very real and commonly grieved about issue which continues to plague 9.0 / 9.3 planes and NOW 8.7 planes of minor nations who were left behind in the recent BR changes.

I’ve read this 20 times and have no idea what you’re trying to say. Can you draw me a picture or something, because as I’m reading it, it doesn’t make mathematical/statistical in application.

Just kidding and agreed about some advanced missile carrier is one of problems.

Frankly, this is another BR black hole problem that cannot be solved by even a modest BR decompression.

Perhaps it will be corrected for the first time by a hard-coded BR cap and It is one of reasons why ARB should gets rotation BR like SBEC.

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A pity mechanic for uptiers would be nice.

WoT has one last I checked and I don’t think it was ever complained about.

Yes they did introduce it beacuse tier 8 had to fight against tier 10 all of the time. And Tier 8 is where most of the premiums are placed

Yeah everyone played T10 or T8 prems, T9 was ignored.

Whats funny is I am pretty sure 10.3 also gets sucked into 11.3 most of the time and 11.3 usually gets sucked into 12.0/12.3. So basically everybody’s matchmaking experience is going to be shit all the way from 9.3 - 11.3. The only not-awful top tier BR that isn’t 12.7 is 11.7/12.0. If you are not at those specific BRs all you could do is spread 'em and hope they brought oil.

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What sucks the most is that a lot of the vehicles around those brackets are balanced around their full downtiers which they very very rarely get to see anyway.

The Mig-21F-13 is a perfect example. Against anything 10.0-10.3 it is helpless in an even engagement. But if it gets a full downtier it becomes literally untouchable and you can run circles around everyone with impunity. Having such a vehicle at 9.3 seems reasonable on paper but when the majority of the games end up being uptiers (against all-aspect missiles) it feels like an awful vehicle to play, despite being comparable to its BR peers.

Yeah tried to play 9.3 and out of like 20 matches 15-18 of them were 10.3. Never playing this BR again until it is fixed.

Playing 9.3 Japan ground is always a 10.0 or 10.3 game

Playing 5.7 USA or USSR is always a 6.7 game

And anything 3.7 is now pretty much 4.7 games.

In my experience if you play 4.7, 6.7, and 10.3 and you get a lot of down tiers which is nice!

The math isn’t mathing here. If you’re getting downtiered, someone else is being uptiered. You can’t have everyone getting 90% downtiers.

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Did I said that every single game you have to be top tier?

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this is somthing that is still a problem and it makes me face ambrams t-80ud. things a heat-fs fiering tam can’t do anything agenst