Jumbos going to 5.7

In latest update to proposed BR changes Sherman Jumbo 75mm tanks are going 5.3->5.7.

I play this tank in US and I am not happy about that, as I find it really hard to use that gun at 5.3, but I am interested in players perspective that play either against it or play both sides. What do you think about that?

Point being most tanks 5.3+ have shifted up together. Breathing room for finer BR tuning (in theory).

It just appears the most long winded way to go about it and everyone thinks Gaijin is doing x when they might very well be doing y, or z, who knows?!

But as mentioned for years if the ceiling is not raised everything happening just feels fruitless, depending where you play.

I am not trying to discuss, what is going on with proposed BR adjustments, rather I would like to see opinions of frequent opponents of this vehicle and how they feel about it when playing against it.

With the 5.7 BR and all those around it shifting it is will be in exactly same place as it has for years.

I personally don’t like stabilised wack-a-mole US gameplay and it shines in the CQC/fast reaction situations which I avoid.

I did have a hell of a time penning the UFP of a 100m away Jumbo in my BP 17pder APDS (but he failed to get into a good position to pen me aswell).

All my Jumbo/US plays are from years ago so more about facing/playing alongside than as said vehicle.

You are the one mentioing the BR raise, but it is in the context of many of its opponents being moved in exactly the same way. So BR raise in theory a moot point.

Academy section will have people advising on tips v enemies it sees.

Most Russian and German users had theirs moved up with it, so not in a vacuum.

Generally speaking, the 75mm Jumbo was already niche at 5.3…at 5.7, it’s pretty terrible.

Because 6.7 is a popular BR, the ‘gravity’ of that BR notch will pull 5.7 lineups the 75mm Jumbo is in into 6.7 battles routinely.

In 6.7 battles, the Jumbo will then face stuff like the Tiger II (H) which is utterly superior to the 75mm Jumbo in armament and armor terms while being able to penetrate the Jumbo frontally…which negates the Jumbo’s entire purpose.

Playing the Jumbo-75 now will be a miserable affair. At this point, you’re better off taking the M4A3 with ‘lighter’ armor and its 76mm.


Not sure i got it…i dont see Jumbo in the list of tanks to change BR…
In fact…i see several Jumbo “usual” opponents (Tiger, Panther, T34/85) going up…and that should make Jumbos better…

What am i missing…?

All 75mm M4A3E2 ‘Jumbo’ variants have been uptiered 5.3 → 5.7 in the latest changes.

Ok…found it.

AFAIK, that was actually…PLAYER request? I didn’t follow the discussion…but it wasn’t in the original change list :)

Whatever it is, it’s a death sentence for the 75mm Jumbo’s relevance.

Using the Jumbo 75mm now as anything but a late game, second-line reserve is almost certainly a pointless venture.

Hey…i now recall we discussed this a few years back…when jumbo went from 5 to 5.3 :)

TBH…i thought 5.3 was ok back then…not sure why they are hiking up to 5.7. They were dominant (and everywhere) when they were 5.0. At 5.3 i dont think they were too high…also because something else changed and they became more vulnerable frontally…larger weak spot or something. Both things made them much less frequent in games…

I actually dont get why they go to 5.7…to keep together with Tigers and T34s ? Players sometimes argue that if X is moved then Y must also be moved…can this be it? (not really valid, just asking)

If the hike makes them “irrelevant”, usually they will come back down on next BR adjustment…

Players should sometimes be “careful what they wish for” :)
I see that IS3 also got a hike in BR…i saw a lot of complaints that if TIger went up, it would meet IS3…guess they fixed that :)
Not sure is IS3 deserves the hike…i dont recall seeing one, but was mentioned in the topic a lot… :)

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Yeah, but it seems that it was player request for lower BR vehicles that could get matched against Jumbo and other heavy armored vehicles.

Incorrect when you account for the many vehicles that DID NOT move that the Jumbo now DOES NOT see (to kill in downtiers) and also how many it will NOW see (such as the absolutely unkillable Tiger2H for the 75 Jumbo at this point)

The issue is you and gaijin both are not accounting for anything regarding br compression.

Doesn’t happen btw. Very rare.

Yes–because as usage of the tank collapses it is generally restricted to very good players who still manage to do well with it (a la the T25).

Say it to T25.

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Players should sometimes be “careful what they wish for” :)

Nobody wished for this, don’t put this on the players.

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Well, which heavy tank can be competetive against another heavy 1.0 BR above it?
Usually armor improves, making the lower heavy unable to deal with the higher BR heavy.

A Tiger H1 also now sees all the 6.7 US heavies and since they changed the lower plate on the IS-2, only the turret and cupola remain a weakspot.

Any heavy armored threat went 0.3 in BR as well.
But yeah, playing the Jumbo in a full uptier is probably not going to be the best time.


A lot of players feedback is based on their limited experience with the game, some never learn.
Just because a strong vocal opinion is heard from the community, doesn’t mean it’s going to be a good change.

In general people are biased towards the vehicles they like to play, so if someone plays X but encounters Y which beats them, they talk how it’s unfair, without considering that the same story happends to Y and vehicle Z.