Ju-87 D-3 / Ju-87 D-5 - Air RB - Performance Guide

*Ju-87 D-3, Ju-87 D-5 observations:
I was made aware of an issue with Ju-87 D-3,D-5 and overheating when using WEP. Upon closer examination some issues were discovered. When using 100% throttle, the radiator is set approx. 10c/10c too low resulting in the radiator being open too much creating a lot of excessive drag. When using WEP, the radiator closes completely turning the engine red almost instantly, if WEP climbing at start the engine will start to suffer damage at approx. 1500M on a moderate map.


– Ju 87 D-3, Ju 87 D-5: These planes benefit from MEC over AEC overall. AEC mismanages radiator, trying to maintain 96/96 degrees at 100% throttle when limit should be 107/107, creating a lot of drag When using WEP the Radiator closes completely causing a heat spike in the Engine turning the engine red almost instantly. Using AEC and climbing more than the first 1000M will generally start to cause engine damage. Prop85 is best all around for mitigating heat and performance. There is no benefit in going higher than Prop90 below 5200M. The differences between Prop85 and Prop90 are minor, Prop 85 has better performance using WEP. Has airbrake. Engine output decrease 5300M.

Here are a few cooling/performance options for:

– Ju 87 D-3:

*** Infi -WEP settings (best overall) ***
Prop85 with Rad28/42 @ 1000M = 360WEP Kph (Rad40/70 Hot), (Rad-14/18 Cold) Up to 5500M then switch to Prop100. ( NO OVERHEATING)

Minimum cooling settings (not ideal):
Prop85 with Rad6/6 @ 1000M = 339/363WEP Kph (Rad8/8 Hot), (Rad-0/0 Cold). Up to 5200M then switch to Prop100 . (Minimum cooling, Overheats with WEP)

– Ju 87 D-5:

*** Infi -WEP settings (best overall) ***
Prop85 with Rad28/42 @ 1000M = 351WEP Kph (Rad40/70 Hot), (Rad-14/18 Cold) Up to 5500M then switch to Prop100 . ( NO OVERHEATING)

Minimum cooling settings (not ideal):
Prop85 with Rad6/6 @ 1000M = 332/355WEP Kph (Rad8/8 Hot), (Rad-0/0 Cold). Up to 5200M then switch to Prop100. (Minimum cooling, Overheats with WEP)

Gun Pods effect on performance:

7.92 mm: +13sec climb -10/-14Kph @ 1000M

20 mm: +27sec climb -7/-10Kph @ 1000M

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@MOBB You should probably put all these posts in Machinery of War because they are all about specific vehicles. I would hate for the mods to close them and you get more angry because they aren’t in the correct forum section.

It’s a guide not a data sheet so I’m not sure why you would suggest such a thing. Also, it’s specific from a previous request from a player who asked me to help them with understanding why their Stuka was melting under 2000m climb in air rb.

It relates to the map temp in air rb, the incorrect radiator settings in auto engine management and helping another player with getting the most out of their aircraft. After that you need the right key binds, control settings etc.

I’d be happy to help you understand the complexities of an air rb guide if you like.

It’s a guide on a covering a specific vehicle, that is why. I’m just trying to help useful threads not get closed, as I’ve seen it happen before.

I’m going to include it in the German guide under misc. I just haven’t gotten to it today

It’s also another glaring example of broken auto radiator

Btw, that’s a very specific comment that’s been addressed long ago, what made you say it?

Does the Ju-288C also suffer from AEC causing engine overheating issues? I’ve learned to mitigate the cooling problems in WEP using manual control, but it still overheats pretty badly.

Wep is a separate issue but still important. It’s hard have a solution with out an established baseline of 100% throttle performance

all things aside, I can easily look into the ju 288c and have an objective answer for you if you like.

Fair, thanks.

Do you want a similar break down on how to fly the ju288c?

Nah, I appreciate the offer though. I’ve worked out how to milk WEP for as long as possible and don’t really use manual prop or mixture because I usually stay low and descend after my airspawn.

Ok, offer stands, my goal of mec settings is actually to simplify flying and not killing the aircraft engine.