JGSDF Type10 Tank/10式戦車

I’m guessing the wikipedia/google numbers are wrong then?

Edit: Or I read them wrong?

might be just the picture tho im not sure i edited them so they had the same resolution so it could be more precise, or it might be that it dosent count the radiator that its sticking out too much, ill try measuring from the back roadwheel to the front

Yeah, I’m trying to measure out images RN, but it’s taking a bit lol.

i think i got an idea on why this is, the problem is that if i just edit the image and make it shorter the tank its gonna be shorter too so it can fit the resolution lol if the measures were more reallistic it would be like this wait

and another problem is that the type 10 its more zoomed in cuz the cannon its shorter and meanwhile the 125 its longer so its zoomed out

Yeah, the problem I’m running into is that I can’t find written and visual sources that agree on how long the T-80 actually is lol.

Written sources say 9.9-9.6 M depending on whether it’s a B or U variant, but the best image I’ve found gives a length of 9.2 M (ignoring the barrel/log holders on the back).

In the Image, Everything else goes with the written sources, so I’m a bit confused.

Edit: And 40cm still seems a bit long for the discrepancy in where the measuring stick ends.


yeah this is even weirder dude

i got some measurements done by thailand and japan

Yeah, that image has been what I’ve been trying to use as a base, but I think I need to swap to different software in order to work with images better lol.

The other thing is that some images may not be to scale, which Might be what is making this so difficult. My current software gives me pixel measurements, but it sucks (or I suck) at actually using images.

I made a suggestion for CVTs (and HMT) in case people want to go look it at. I made it because the other ways of fixing mobility didn’t work.


k found something tanks are normally measured from the tip of the barrel to the back of the tank so yes technically the type 10 its smaller than the T80’s but just because of the barrel in total hull lenght the type 10 its bigger

Ah, ok. That makes sense

I think you guy forget a thing, tank is controlled by human so the comfort of the tank also need to consider during the tank design, I didn’t have a chance to climb in both tank but from my experiences with PT91m (poland made t-72), soviet tank lack of the comfortable all their spaces are used for armor so the crew comparment is very cram that I almost can’t get out LOL

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It looks like this update, all blast door panels in mbts have been changed. Now, they are highlighted as red, and can be destroyed.

The TK-X driver…


He’s become one with the tank


Aint no way


Here’s hoping we see it sooner rather than later or not at all


Package Selling Driver

im more concerned that the driver of the type 10 is staring at the scopes like a virtual boy from nintendo when it shouldnt be like that