How do you actually play jets
I always just find lobbies stomped by mig23ml, it either hits everyone BVR with its op ass radar missiles or gets quietly behind you and pops a r60m/uses IRST

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Start with lower tier jets and learn the tech as you work your way up.

  1. Create custom load out
  2. Test fly it
  3. Check cool cockpit
  4. Return back to hangar
  5. Admit reaching top tier is not achievement
  6. Remove it from lineup
  7. Return to vehicles below 8.7 or start new nation

Learning how to play jets is very easy:
Step 1: Don’t skip whole tree with premiums
Step 2: Learn how game works
Step 3: Profit


throw money at them.

I love how not a single one of you has read the topic and just assumed I dont know how they work. (this is for sim only btw)
@Vianochka @Warpig @PozdroEloPocwicz

Enlighten us on what you want to accomplish here.

Tip 1: Send your position with the “follow me” message constantly.
Tip 2: Send your position with the “follow me” message if someone else send the same message.
Tip 3: Send your position with the “follow me” message if you cant id a target. it helps to id a friendly target without getting too close.
NOTE: TK is very expensive: between 90k and 95k SL.
Tip 4: with the default key “T” you could forgive a TK. Not mandatory, but reduces the SL penalty for the other player. either way you need to pay the respawn cost.
Tip 5: Play both sides.
Tip 6: Almost every 2 days the BR bracket changes. So if you dont want to fight an specific aircraft, wait or play another BR bracket.


I dont think there is ever a bracket where I can play a F4E or similar and not face mig23ml, mig23ml just dominates every lobby I go into

IRC, the F4E has one br bracket where it is top tier (max 10,7) and you dont face the mig23, almost any aircraft can be top tier in EC.


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Btw, the mig23 not always dominates. But youll see them with a lot of kills as many players at those brackes only try to farm. So the mig23 can farm them instead xD.


well from what I saw it does always dominate, I dont think anything is even close to counter mig23ml

I did and not assumed anything.

Thats a damn lie and you know it.

Top tier jets are going to bankrupt you, even after the economy changes.

buy premium, problem solved

Already have premium account, it still cost me SL to play top tier sim in regards of munitions and modules unlocked.

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If you are negative your money will be returned, so you won’t go bankrupt due to that. Modules sure, but modules are not really expensive

I had - 40 K just in munitions alone in a game today. That will not be refunded. :)

Of course it will. You are reimbursed for munitions as well

I will check back tomorrow, I am certain I was in debt after that match.

But truth be told, there might have been a teamkill I wasn’t aware of, or something like that.