JAS39C is missing basically EVERYTHING that makes it a version C

Anyone put in a bug report for the Gripen’s lack of guidance channels?

Supposedly it should be 4, like sea harrier.

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I haven’t looked into Gripen for many months so I don’t recall if there’s a source out there, but I know that a Gripen pilot specifically said it’s 4 in an interview

Flame did. He paired it with the Sea Harrier FA2 bug report. (as they share a radar currently)


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Here’s hoping they address both instead of finding an excuse to only do it for sea harrier.

Or for neither.

F3 is also only 2 but should be 4. Might be a flat nerf

I’d like to think they wouldn’t be that blatantly out to screw minor nations this update.

Well. It is everyone. Even the F-15C and Su-27SM. Thas why I think it could be flat nerf. Just to try and prevent AMRAAM SPAM in ARB. But at the same time. Does nerf aircraft un-evenly.

Most planes are getting 2-3 skins with this patch, unfortunately looks like they went down the route of choosing the most basic skin available to not take up more than 20 seconds of time making it. Big sad at least it has a slight noticeable difference wouldnt be suprised if its ge only. This is the only skin for the gripen.


I guess i could probably throw a suggestion up for a new camo but i doubt it would get accepted. I guess whenever we get abother gripen C gaijin will look for another solid grey eith some numbers on the tail and call it a day for the camo.


Gripen E for bottom and the gripen A was painted with the splinter, id need to do a suggestion on these forums for the camo but itll have to wait until friday or so before i get back to my pc. I just want the swddish aircraft to have some camos.

Gotta admit thoigh the F17 camo is lazy, if you havent seen the camos coming for all the aircraft this patch the gripen is some bottom of the barrel stuff when there are much more unique camos then a dorsal paint.

Well they can just add those camos to Gripen C actually.

Splinter camo for both Gripen will be Amazing tho.

They “can”, will they though, probably not

Get ready for to see them as Market skin :)))))


I did make a post for the JAS39A splinter camo just need to have a mod approve it. I want to make one for the JAS39C to get the Gripen Aggresor skin

Side note i also made a new tag that no one has used for the suggestions apparently which is air-forces-sweden so when the post goes through that will be the tag

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Its a training gripen C without any real armament used in training pilots with a fighter that can perform the role of aggressor it was unvielded in 2017 amd i think itd be a cool camo for it. Just need to see if my gripen a camo gets accepted by a mod.

Update: Splinter camo suggestion is up, ill finish the aggressor camo suggestion now


Meh, longer range, “better” seeker head, I think both are Thrust vectored, right? F-16 still has IRIS-T capability.