JAS39C is missing basically EVERYTHING that makes it a version C

JAS39A should also have Litening III, sweden never used Litening II


Pretty sure all gripen C’s used litening III. Unless it has a better zoom or angles i dont see a point of adding it for now until more nations have an equivalent. Id rather see resources go to working in the rest of the missing modifications or armament for the gripen C.

I’m pretty sure it’s better zoom and higher resolution


I’ve looked further into it, as far as i can tell the Litening III has the same FOV, zoom and resolution as the Litening II but adds datalink and the ability for ground operators to control the pod without pilot interaction. https://web.archive.org/web/20150717182834/http://www.ultra-cis.com/resourses/Litening%20III%20-%20secured.pdf
So it wouldn’t add anything compared to current version given what we have in game.

The Litening G4 however adds 1k x 1k resolution to the IR sensors.

Gripen currently uses (since after 2019) the RECCELITE XR pod

or perhaps the Litening 5?

Both list Gripen as users.
both use 1k x 1k resolution IR sensors, Multispectral IR with data fusion, Radar ground mapping, etc. They are ridiculously more advanced than anything we have in game currently.

more info on the latest version Rafael to Sell More LITENING 5 and RecceLite Pods - European Security & Defence

Litening III came 2006 (in Swedish, p.42) https://www.forsvarsmakten.se/siteassets/2-om-forsvarsmakten/dokument/insatsforsvar/2006/iof_1_06.pdf

Litening 5/Reccelite XR must have come after the MS20 upgrades (2016) as the pods themselves didn’t get released until 2019.

This also means that the JAS39A never had a designator pod nor guided munitions.

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hmm if thats the case why doesnt gaijin just add a copy paste with the name III

Because i assume that they would rather hear “its missing Litening III” than get detailed reports on the missing functions of the Litening III.

Gajin not ready change targeting pod this major update only ?

Litening G4 for USA & NATO Fighter Aircraft

JAS39C Gripen MS20 from swedish equipped Litening III or Litening 5 & RecceLite pod

I guess Litening III targeting pod model like another AN/AAQ-28(V) Litening but different thermal

The targeting pod previously used by gripen has no difference to the one in game with the current mechanics. datalink isn’t in game yet. the one currently used is to advanced.

We need proof for those aircraft that used it, they don’t just add things because they want to (some deviation because of balance and lack of open source info on modern vehicles) but because it was used IRL.

Not happening. To many upgrades made with features that aren’t in game yet.
probably JAS39E in the future, but i’m hoping for a MS20 in the future at a higher BR.

AN/AAQ-28(V) = Litening. its the same pod, just commercial name and technical name. it has many different versions. (i think 10 or 11?)

would be too big brain

but i would prefer to see the name Litening III over Litening II just because of historical accuracy, even if other than that it would be exactly the same

ingame we have a late A model
maybe the early A model wouldnt have LGBs but the one igame does and should

Gripen A late model equipped Litening III targeting pod and Rb 98 IRIS-T (replace Rb 74(M) later) like Gripen C but different radar ?

Idk doesnt seem like it would be right to add it. If it has Iris-T then it would be almost if not the same br as later aircraft with them.

i misremembered the year the model A got discontinued, it was 2012 and not 2006 x)

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We should’ve really had an early 39a around when the f16s got added, it would only have 20 ish internal cms and 9L and ofc the bol pods

Later on when the SA C got added we should’ve gotten the c too

Too late for that now

sadly yes

Can anyone check and see if the jas 39C has any camos? Oshida had a leak which stated an anniversary camo with the f17 insignia of the swedish air force.

Shall boot up dev server for you. 1 sec

(just patching itself)

Wont let me view things like that, thought it would without having it unlocked. Thats annoying

A little tricl for that is to go to a crate that has a skin for the vehicle you wanna look at then you can see if it has other camos