JAS39C is missing basically EVERYTHING that makes it a version C

on the DEV server the JAS39C doesn’t have any of the upgrades made to the JAS39A to make it a C version.

The addition of the Rb99 just makes it a more accurate A version.

Depending on what MS-update you look at and if they are planning a “early” and “late” version of the C model there are a lot of upgrades to choose from.

most notably these (in no particular order of release year):
-Full color displays in cockpit.
-Radar upgraded to either mk.3 (early on) or mk.4 (later in service).
-GCAS (Ground Collision Avoidance System, easily implemented as we already have “auto level at ground” as a setting)
-MAW (missile approach warning) with CM slaved to MAW (with smart version if ESTL pod is introduced that dispense chaff or flares as needed).
-Voice Warning System. (already on some jets)
-Litening III pod (its time for it, at the least to make up for lackluster ordinance compared to other nations attackers)
-EWS (Electronic Warfare Systems, not currently in game).
-Air refueling (not currently in game).
-Small diameter bomb (GBU39B)
-Central bomb-mount.
-Meteor missiles and IRIS-T missiles (to advanced for the current level of BR in game)
-Gripen to Gripen datalink. (not in game yet, but should be)
-NATO-datalink. (not in game yet, but should be)

There are meny more smaller things i could mention but as it stands its disappointing to see that the only update it has so far is an updated visual cockpit and the addition of Rb99 (AIM-120B) when it could have been so much more.

The things i would personally like to see implemented THIS major (or very short there after):
-MAW and CM slave to MAW (ESTL pod is to big of an ask for short notice)
-Correct cockpit displays
-Litening III

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Multi-aircraft data-linking would be really cool and an interesting mechanic. Almost think that should be next big aircraft mechanic before Gen 5 IRs.

It could also work in SB, to display teammates in the HUD.

In addition to what you’ve mentioned, BOL need an overhaul too


And France is missing the Dassault Rafale do you even think before posting.


Britain, Italy and Germany is missing the Typhoon. Though both aircraft are more akin to the Gripen E and not C. But hopefully Typhoon and Rafale ASAP. F-15C MSIP II is suppose to be pretty close in terms of performance

It’s not in that way i meant it Also France never used Typhoon it’s Germany, Italy and Britain mainly. But the point is bro made a thread to complain the fact Gripen C lacked weapons and systems it go in late service/that are currently being tested by devs/that are still to advanced for the game pretty much like Rafale would be atm. Which make the thread weird.


and there are several items hes listed that arent too advanced in game currently. Things like the fact the cockpit is wrong (I want to say all Gripen Cs actually have the Gripen A cockpit currently. but I could be wrong) , the radar is technically the blue vixen from the shar (as that was the closest to the actual radar at the time, but some new info has been found that might be enough for tweaks) and missing all A2G capabilities. Voice warning is on the F-16. Gen 3 Tpod are long overdue. MAWS is probably due to be rolled out to a lot more airframes (like Mirages)

He does have a point on some of these items

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Most these options could be added outside of Brimstone, EWS (Because not present), Meteor, and IRIS-T. Datalink should have been brought in if they are going to add the fancy missiles. Air refueling is generally unnecessary but would be cool.

GBU39(A or B) would actually give Sweden an almost respectable air to ground payload, compared to essentially every other nation. Still substandard, but better than what we’re stuck with.

Maybe usable in sim, but ideally need bigger maps (hopefully coming soon ish, we need them)

but yeah, a lot of really reasonable suggestions in this thread

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Now that it looks like some jets have DL modeled for the AMRAAMs it does look like a possibility to me.

Basically all ARH carriers should. But it would depend on how these ARHs work with DL from non-launch aircraft is the question.

Thank you, I am aware.

JAS39C also lacks many A2G munitions.

It suppose to have access to AGM65D/G/H and more advanced Gbu models.

@Smin1080p will there be any additions to the Swedish Gripen C loadout or should we make bug reports for those inaccuracies?

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I am not sure if Sweden had an inventory of these weapons, unless we’re just going with what is compatible vs what is actually in inventory. There are plenty of missing munitions even if we just go off what Sweden has inventory of.

Although also not 100% those other ones have inventory containing what they were given.

Well SAAF JAS39C didnt used Aim-9M and R-Darter but here we are.

For balance purposes i believe we should go with compatibility

Gripen with proper BOL needs to be 14.0 while all else is 13.0.

Already tiny heat signature from engine meaning it 1-2 tap flares R-73/Magic 2 %80 of the time.
Chaff is mega buffed vs ARH missiles.
Tiny rat plane with ARH

Forgot the darter rubbish that was not meant to be added due to that being the only reason there wasn’t blood for the Brits getting C at the time. With that in mind, entirely agree compatibility is best for balance.

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If it was me i would’ve give Aim-120’s to SAAF 39C since its also compatible.

Got your back. I was waiting for new MFDs to come with this one.


Defintiely a JAS39E addition to fight stealth aircraft.

Datalink is missing in general, no one has it.
Litening II is still valid.
GCAS isn’t in game yet.
MAW should be turned off by default, but otherwise yes it is missing it.
No comment on the rest of your list.

Entire point of MAW is the increase situational awareness, personally i always turn auto countermeasure deploying off.

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