Japanese Weapons Master Thread

Found this little illustration


According to the FY2024 budget request there are multiple new missiles and weapons/systems currently in development or to be bought

The first is the A-SAM which was already tested on the experimental ship JS Asuka. It will complement ESSSM as a longer range Interceptor missile.


According to this the A-SAM will officially enter production stage


Next is the new medium range missile which i have already mentioned is on development



The railgun seems to be moving forward in continued development


Laser defense weapons research is also moving forward and will be equipped on ground based vehicles and ships. These are capable of destroying incoming weapons and drones.



The purchase request for JASSM-ER for upgraded F-15JSIs was recently approved.
Also in the FY2024 request is JSM for F-35As


New Type 12 SSM for air, ground, ship versions seems to be moving forward with continued development



400 block 5 Tomahawk missiles to be equipped on Aegis ships.


Most of these new naval weapons will be equipped on the new BMD ship currently in development


Over all many new developments for weapons. There are also many new vehicle developments but that would be off topic. Looking forward to what’s to come!


This site talks about the AAM-4(A) In a bit more detail

The characteristics of AAM-4 include the following.

Range extension

  • Realization of LOAL (Lock On After Launch) by inertial guidance with intermediate command and active radar homing.
  • Increased combustion time with dual thrust rocket motor (rocket motor that changes combustion pattern in two stages).
  • Increasing the capacity of rocket motors by downsizing onboard equipment.
  • Adoption of a navigation method that applies a flight method with the least energy loss.
  • Lower resistance of the fuselage.

Improved destruction performance

  • Adoption of a directional warhead (a warhead that allows the deflection of explosive power by controlling the explosion point).
  • Increased dispersion density of warhead fragments.
  • Adoption of active radar (4-quadrant active radio wave) fuse.

Unleashing ability, ability to deal with multiple targets simultaneously

  • Initial/intermediate guidance equipped with a command receiving device.
  • Equipped with a ring laser gyro (FOG: Fiber Optic Gyro).

Improving ECCM ability and clutter removal ability

  • Elimination of interfering signal components by employing high-speed arithmetic processing equipment.
  • A special modulation method that is resistant to radio interference is used in the RF transmission system of the active radar seeker, command transmitter/receiver, and active radar fuse.

Improved mobility

  • Adopts rear wing steering system using electric servo actuators.


  • Reducing prices by applying COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf technology).
  • Safety is ensured by the use of PBX (Plastic Bonded Explosive) warheads.
  • Adoption of a high-power semiconductor transmitter for the transmitter (AMRAAM uses a TWT (traveling wave tube))"
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Will be fun to use this in 2030 xD

Nah i expect 2040 🀣

Is there evidence the F-15J and the XF-2A/F-2 used American missiles?

I feel like Gaijin will keep giving Japan US missiles because copy+paste is easier than modelling something new :(

Hopefully the next gens won’t give them that option

XF-2A/F-2A did use American stuff like AIM-9Ls and sparrows but they mainly focus on additions like AAM-3 for early versions and AAM-4 and AAM-5 varients for late versions.

F-15Js however are fully compatible with AIM-120s and also the typical AIM-9L and sparrows BUT they also use the others i mentioned.

So it really depends when gaijin wants to add these missiles. AAM-3 is the closest right now.

Damn, this is hot.
Too bad we won’t get it until like… never!

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Type 81 (C) firing I believe the IR version of it’s missile. Note the radar version to the right.


Video showing launches of the AAM-5 not sure which version. Nothing crazy for the most part except near the end with the last launch which seems to be tracking a target behind the F-15J or to the side of it.

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AAM-3 has bank to turn flight control algorithm and self search capabilities


Well, they tested AIM-120B on F-15J

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